Innovative foodtech startups in Africa

The advancement of technology has spilled over and infiltrated every industry to improve and advance existing services for customers. Food technology allows businesses to improve their processing, packaging, service delivery, offering, and more. 

FoodTech startups combine food science and technology to enhance the service delivery of the industry but it also enhances the production of goods, quality and can result in new and innovative products. 

 Here are four foodtech startups supporting the demands of African consumers

Due to Covid-19, the demand for digital services and infrastructure in the food industry skyrocketed. FoodTech startups are an essential part of revolutionising the food industry in Africa.


Founded in 2013, OrderIn is a South African foodtech startup that operates as an online food ordering platform in Cape Town. The platform is available for download and allows users to choose from over 1 000 restaurants without leaving their homes.  

Orderin partners with restaurants that are able to provide delivery service to Cape Town customers. After an order has been placed by a customer, it is sent to the partnering restaurant who will take on the responsibility of delivering the ordered food to the customer’s address. 

Orderin prides itself on adopting new technologies and marketing strategies to improve customer experience and loyalty.

Launched in 2016, serves a variety of buyers and suppliers in Africa through its platform that offers agriculture-related products. The platform aims to simplify wholesale and retail trade businesses in Africa. uses technology to implement necessary tools that ensure suppliers will reach a wider audience for their agriculture-related products. The Zambia-based foodtech startup assists buyers with locating products and suppliers more efficiently.

The platform offers buyers located across Africa, thousands of agriculture-related products in areas of poultry, crop protection chemicals, flower seeds, livestock, and horticulture. The platform has a message feature enabling buyers and suppliers to be in an open line of communication. 

Bringo Fresh

Founded in 2017, Bringo Fresh is the leading produce delivery service in Uganda. 

The Uganda foodtech startup provides a solution to poor quality fruit and vegetables that are sold at exorbitant prices at various food markets. 

The foodtech startup offers packed and delivered fresh organic produce with deliveries made every day between 8am and 6pm to areas across Kampala, Entebbe, and Wakison. 

Brain David, the founder of Bringo Fresh aims to reduce food waste in Uganda as 30% of fresh produce is reportedly wasted before it leaves the farm. Food waste leads to scarcity and an increase in food prices.

Bringo Fresh aims to provide fresh organic produce that will positively impact the lifestyles of Ugandans. Produce is directly sourced from smallholder farms to ensure quality food items and the best production process. The startup’s main objective is delivering fresh boxes of produce to its customers’ door.

Cookshop Food Service

Launched in 2014, Cookshop Food Services is an online food delivery service that allows users to browse and order from selected restaurants in Liberia, specifically Monrovia. 

Founded by Liberian ICT professionals, Cookshop is a homegrown enterprise. The enterprise is funded by Liberian investors and operates through local food vendors. Cookshop promotes the transformation of the ICT sector in Liberia. 

The startup has the ability to fully operate via mobile phone and SMS if power shortages are experienced. The platform will remain operational as the startup sources it’s broadband connectivity from a multitude of providers. 

Users are able to browse the platform for food options according to location, cuisine, restaurant, the time of day and week, and availability. Users can also choose between the delivery service option or self pick up where call center agents will communicate with customers when their order is ready for collection. 

Through call center agents, customers can track the status of their orders. 

With the emerging technology in Liberia, Cookshop aims to meet the consumers’ growing demand for a more convenient food service experience.

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Featured Image: Jon Tyson via Unsplash



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