Top startup web event in SA this week [14/12/2020]

This week’s web events will give innovative entrepreneurs the opportunity to drive up business profit and build startup communities within their region.

Through virtual conferences, entrepreneurs will not only be able to learn about machine learning in science and technology but can also pitch ideas to Waxdale Pitch Studios in the hopes of receiving one of three assistance plans.

Ventureburn has updated its existing weekly series that highlights all the top startup events in Africa, by shifting to focus only on web events broadcast from Africa. This includes webinars as well.

If you have any event recommendations for us to add to the list, or next week’s, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email.

Please notify us by Friday of the week before the event. Not all the events are free and some will require booking in advance. Please click on the event names to find out more information. All times below are set in South African time unless indicated. These events are free of charge unless otherwise indicated.

Machine Learning in Science and Engineering

The MLSE 2020 Organizing Committee will be hosting a virtual conference that will offer insight into the latest research in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, with a particular focus on enhancing science and engineering sectors.

The conference will take place over two days and will give attendees the opportunity to learn from representatives of academia, government, and industry. The representatives will discuss topics related to the future of science and engineering. 

The conference will cover how data-driven strategies assist in solving challenges and demonstrate innovative thinking from diverse technology disciplines.

Keynote speakers will include, William Dally, Chief Scientist and Senior VP of Research at Nvidia, and Professor-Research of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. Barbara Engelhardt, Associate Professor in Department of Computer Science at Princeton University, David W. Hogg, Group Leader of Flatiron Institute, and Professor of Physics and Data Science in Department of Physics at New York University, and Cynthia Rudin, Professor of Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Statistical Science at Duke University.

The keynote speakers will offer insight into certain topics across multiple tracks. The tracks will cover each of the following topics:

  • Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Physics
  • Biology
  • Health Sciences
  • Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Materials Science
  • Computing Systems
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, and Civil Engineering
  • Methods and Algorithms
  • Neuroscience
  • Quantum
  • Transportation


Date: 14-15 December, 10am
Location: Conference 

Drive-up business profitability

Business owners seeking to increase sales are encouraged to join this week’s zoom that will be hosted by Biz Entrepreneur. 

The zoom call will cover topics that will assist business owners in scaling profits. Attendees will learn how to attract an audience to their business social media, increase engagement both locally and internationally and automate business, design a business model that ensures an increase in sales, improve business plans, and learn velocity banking to manage debt and control expenses.

Date: 15 December, 8:30pm
Location: zoom


Build a startup community in your city

Waxdale Pitch Studios will be hosting a virtual call for Ecosystem Leaders to identify potential leaders that will operate startup communities in exchange for equity. The virtual call is aimed at business leaders who seek to build a community for startups and want to strengthen relationships with entrepreneurs.

Waxdale Pitch Studios operates in Canada and is virtually present around the world. The tech-based company uses software solutions to assist startups in launching their venture. 

Waxdale Pitch Studios allows entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas in the hopes of receiving investment and increasing business value. The company encourages individuals who are motivated to become an Ecosystem leader and potentially Director General and Chief Ecosystem Officer for a specific region to join the call this week.

Date: 17 December. 8pm
Location: Virtual call

Pitch your startup idea

Waxdale Cape Town Ecosystem will be hosting an event where entrepreneurs can pitch their innovative ideas without pressure. Waxdale will evaluate entrepreneur ideas by addressing feasibility, the level of potential, and the motivation the entrepreneur demonstrates. 

After evaluation, Waxdale will propose one of three plans, a Full Assistance plan, the Startup Assistance plan, or the Partial Assistance plan.

Innovations must be technology-driven and showcase the potential for scalability.

Date: 18 December, 7pm
Location: Virtual event 

Featured image: Teemu Paananen via Unsplash 



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