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Top startup web events in SA this week [21/12/2020]

In this week’s exciting lineup of webinars, entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to learn how to grow their business and improve business performance.

In addition, individuals will learn skills training, receive mentorship and community support through the Homepreneur webinar that will assist attendees who are looking to start a business from home.

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Ventureburn has updated its existing weekly series that highlights all the top startup events in Africa, by shifting to focus only on web events broadcast from Africa. This includes webinars as well.

If you have any event recommendations for us to add to the list, or next week’s, please let us know in the comments below or send us an email.

Please notify us by Friday of the week before the event. Not all the events are free and some will require booking in advance. Please click on the event names to find out more information. All times below are set in South African time unless indicated. These events are free of charge unless otherwise indicated.

Homepreneur Webinar

Yet Ghee will be hosting an online event for individuals looking to start a business from the comfort of their home to ensure financial independence. 

The economy has been hit due to Covid-19. This webinar aims to assist entrepreneurs with building a business that has the potential to scale globally and support communities regardless of the uncertain times. 

This webinar will focus on accelerating the eCommerce ecosystem as businesses shift online to meet the demand of customers. 

This webinar aims to teach entrepreneurs about global sales, sales potential, and community support in addition to mentoring and skills training.

Date: 22 December, 8pm
Location: Online event


Forex and Cryptocurrency

A foreign exchange (forex) and cryptocurrency trading webinar will be taking place virtually this week. Organised by Maria Hawi, the webinar will offer attendees the opportunity to learn how to create a second stream of income via their smartphones.

Industry experts will be present for attendees to ask questions and gain a deeper insight into forex and cryptocurrency trading. 

This event is reportedly the largest educational platform with more than 100 000 students looking to learn about foreign exchange trading.

Date: 24 December, 7pm
Location: Webinar


Business Growth Webinar

Black Entrepreneurs Institute will be hosting the 2021 Business Growth Webinar. The online webinar aims to support black entrepreneurs in growing their business, in addition to improving business performance. The webinar will teach entrepreneurs how to accelerate market momentum and offer quality customer experiences. 

The webinar encourages people who are determined to build a solid business foundation, who aim to increase their income through developed systems, are minorities, and experience entrepreneurial challenges to join the webinar and gain insight into business growth.

Date: 22 December, 1pm
Location: Webinar


Digital Transformation

Reliant Vision, a globally recognized IT Service, and IT staffing company will be hosting the Digital Transformation through Cloud.

The webinar will focus on cloud computing technologies and how they can be used by entrepreneurs to scale businesses and improve business performance.

Date: 23 December, 7:30pm
Location: Webinar

Featured Image: olia danilevich via Pexels

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