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Algerian startup super app expands offering

Algeria-based startup, temtem One‘s newly launched platform has further established itself as the country’s ‘super app’ with a new and unique offering for local users. 

The app will now allow local users to purchase various shopping items and have them delivered to their relative’s front door in Algeria.  

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temtem One expands offering

The new feature, titled ‘temtem diaspora’ provides a much-needed service during the Covid-19 pandemic as many locals are unable to travel due to strict regulations. 

Yacine Oualid Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of the knowledge economy and startups comments on the newly launched app and its additional features. 

“I congratulate the startup temtem One for this excellent initiative. It’s the first time that an Algerian company provides such services to our diaspora, increasing at the same time the foreign currency incomes. This only proves that starting today, Algeria can rely on the innovations of its startups to diversify the economy and act as a vector of the financial inclusion” indicated the minister.

Founded in 2017, temtem One provides various services, from ride-hailing to home maintenance services, and now the one-stop-shop super app. 

Salim Bouazzouni, head of temtem one explains the aim of the Algerian tech startup. 

“We design products and services that meet local needs with one goal: improving people’s lives. Giving easy access to services that matter, in an innovative way with services that do not exist elsewhere like temtem Diaspora.”

How does it work?

The feature allows Algerian’s local or abroad to order a range of goods or services for their relatives’ in the country. 

Ensuring that the feature is easy-to-use for all, temtem One super app users simply enter the delivery address and phone number of their relative. Payment for the goods or services can be done via card inclusive of VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. 

Temtem one currently delivers to 21 regions in Algeria. Delivery time is dependent on the region, with the express mode being delivered in two hours or a period of waiting time of one to five days. 

temtem One (Supplied to Ventureburn)

Increasing foreign exchange reserves

The Algerian startup is positively contributing to the nation’s foreign exchange reserve with the advent of temtem Diaspora as payments made in foreign exchange are sent to the accounts of temtem in dinars.

The startup has ensured it complies with Algerian regulations in the implementation of temtem Diaspora. 

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Featured image: Rami Al-zayat via Unsplash 

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