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Local tech startup launches platform to assist businesses

Launching in the height of the national lockdown in March 2020, Eloh App functions to provide a one-stop platform for locals to access a range of services. 

Eloh App aims to support local businesses and provide an innovative and convenient platform for users

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Founded by entrepreneur and qualified electrical engineer, Sanele Mhlongo, Eloh App aims to provide a premium and safe service to local customers.

In an interview with Ventureburn, Mhlongo explains that technology is key to promoting and increasing business sales, with Eloh App local businesses can tap into a wider customer base. 

“Small and medium-sized enterprises are not sufficiently equipped for the fourth industrial revolution or lack thereof, we aim to bridge the gap and provide much-needed support to digitalise their business. “

In support of local businesses, Eloh App functions as a middle man between customers and local businesses and service providers. The innovative and privately funded online platform provides tailored service providers according to a customer’s requirement and geographical location.  

The transaction of services takes place directly between the customer and the business. In addition, customers are able to request the service to be fulfilled at their home or desired location. 

Social impact

The newly launched tech startup aims to alleviate unemployment rates in South Africa, by providing a free service for local businesses and anyone with a verifiable skill to register on the platform and promote their business. 

Business benefits 

Businesses are able to register for free on the Eloh App. A 15% administration fee is charged per requested service when completed. This ensures affordable prices for customers and a high-profit margin for businesses. 

The platform functions to enhance customer loyalty, increase the customer reach for businesses, therefore, increasing overall revenue, and provide a method in which businesses can continuously operate. 

To ensure that businesses are successful on the app, the startup assists in the following ways: 

  • Training during the onboarding process. This covers how business owners can effectively manage their business on the platform and how to create strategies to increase revenue. 
  • Creates tailored marketing posters for each business 
  • The app plans to establish ‘Eloh walk-in centres’ where business owners can gather advice and support, catering to their business needs.

The app is available for download on both iOS and Google Play. 

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Featured image: Eloh App, Facebook 

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