New SA startup launches affordable solar energy for locals 

Newly established energy startup Wetility has created an affordable solar energy installation product tailored to residential properties in South Africa. 

Pay at Pace is an affordable hybrid solar-powered installation energy resource

Titled Pay at Pace, the innovative tech-based renewable energy solution is the installation of a hybrid rooftop solar system on homes, this includes solar panels and a patented hi-tech PACE device created by the energy startup. 

Vincent Maposa, CEO of Wetility highlights that the creation of the much-needed product aims to provide alleviation from the stress and inconvenience caused by loadshedding. 

“The introduction of this breakthrough offering comes at a time when more South Africans will need to mitigate against the risk of load-shedding, especially with work from home becoming a greater reality during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”  

Pay at Pace Wetility

Traditional solar installation is costly due to the upfront expenses and Wetility has offered a solution to creating a sustainable source of renewable energy for residents as there are no upfront costs to homeowners with the Pay at Pace solution. 

With zero cost upon installation, Pay at Pace provides homeowners with always-on power from the systems via a cost-effective monthly lease or power purchase agreement. Wetility offers its remote support and maintenance for five years minimum for cash customers and lifetime support and maintenance for Pay at Pace customers. 

The energy startup claims that it is one of the first in the sector to establish a monthly payment system on a solar power energy resource for residential properties in the country. 

Maposa highlights that the product offered by the energy startup is significantly lower in cost compared to traditional electricity resources. 

“Crucially, this Pay at Pace model can cost less than the user’s existing monthly bill with Eskom or their municipality, especially at a time when electricity tariffs from these entities are set to rise in 2021. A calculator on Wetility’s website illustrates how this savings model can work.”

Users can purchase the solar system with cash or bank loan installments. Currently, Wetility provides its service to medical practices, farms, bakeries – catering to energy needs from 5kW to 50MW.

The technology

Wetility is able to provide an affordable resource of solar energy to residential properties due to its innovative PACE device. 

In an official press statement to Ventureburn, Wetility provides insight into the PACE device as a mechanism. 

“… a minimalist and compact cabinet enclosure that comprises a hybrid inverter, lithium-ion batteries, and switchgear. These are tier-1 items that are best in class. The PACE, in turn, is connected to rooftop PV solar. This compact hybrid system can service up to 70-80% of a typical home’s energy needs.”

Creating software to be paired with the PACE technology, the We-X remote monitoring software enables customer support and a full analysis of users’ energy usage in real-time. The We-X also provides an analysis of user’s savings on their energy bills each month. 

As a hybrid solution, if the weather takes a turn for an extended period of time, users are able to source power from the municipality provider or Eskom. Wetility is able to make the solar power application to a customer’s municipality or Eskom on their behalf as it requests permission to connect a customer’s system to the grid. 

The future of Wetility

Founded in 2019 by Vincent Maposa and Sandeep Valodia, Wetility officially went to market in 2021. Wetility plans to install 1000 solar installations in Gauteng this year and grow on this figure into 2022 providing a service for both the residential and commercial sectors. 

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Featured image: Wetility (Supplied)



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