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SA car tech startup creates automotive marketplace for locals

Johannesburg-based car tech startup My Car Guide has created a ”two-sided” marketplace that enables users to purchase a range of automotive-related products at affordable rates. 

My Car Guide is a digital platform marketplace for car parts and accessories

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My Car Guide offers affordable car parts and accessories by partnering with a range of automotive service providers. 

My Car Guide

The newly founded car tech startup officially launched in September 2020. Founded by entrepreneur, Innocent Matlala, the car tech startup aims to be a disruptor in the automotive industry and provide a unique and cutting-edge service to consumers. 

The car tech startup platform partners with well-known automotive brands to provide users with access to car parts, vehicles, and automotive accessories. The platform delivers ordered items to consumers, simplifying the process between automotive wholesalers and a consumer.

Traditionally wholesalers, brands, and manufacturers are located in ”hard to reach markets” and My Car Guide solves this problem with an easy-to-navigate platform. 

Not only does the platform offer access to lower-priced automotive items but it also offers a digital repair guide, online financing applications relating to automotive purchases, roadside assistance, insurance application, and location-based services.

Businesses are able to register items on the website and increase their customer reach, sales revenue, direct customer reach, increase brand awareness and increase marketing ROIs (return on investments).

In an official statement to Ventureburn, Matlala explains that the platform functions to not only assist consumers but also budding entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

“This will also help up-and-coming brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers to gain exposure and compete at a larger scale. Also, entrepreneurs who are starting out their retail shops and workshops, who don’t have access to wholesalers or do not qualify to open accounts with most big wholesalers can use this platform to bulk buy products for their businesses,” he said.

My Car Guide is available on the Google Playstore, Apple store, Huawei Appgallery, and web for desktop users. 

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Featured image: Tekton via Unsplash 

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