Five tips on how to grow an eCommerce startup

With today marking World eCommerce Day, Ventureburn has gathered insightful eCommerce startup tips from Matthew Leighton, the Creative Director of local eCommerce giant, OneDayOnly.

Five tips on how to grow an eCommerce startup

Here are five tips for entrepreneurs who are wanting to grow their eCommerce startup:

1. Invest your time

  • Be willing to put in the long hours and hard yards. In the beginning, this counts for a lot.

2. Be smart with your start-up budget

  • Do you invest in marketing or back-end tech requirements? Which customer service platform will suit your customer base best? Which packaging supplier to use? Which courier service offers the best value for money?
  • It requires excellent business understanding to ensure the decision made is the best for now AND for the future.

3. Learn to build resilience and adaptability

  • Start-ups are capable of pivoting and adapting in a way bigger businesses can’t. Use this to your advantage, as it only gets harder as your business grows.
  • Adapt to changes in order to take advantage of opportunities and learn from your mistakes. You might not know everything when you start off – but that’s how you learn.

4. Do your research / and understand your customer

  • Get your hands on as much usable data as possible and use this to make considered decision making. You might know your brand inside-out but that only goes so far. Understand what your consumers think about your brand. Learn from your data and let that drive your decisions.

5. Build a great team

  • Without the team, we wouldn’t be who or where we are now. It’s safe to say that the team IS the success and growth of our platform.
  • We started by focusing on our sales team, as an increase in sales drives everything forward. It enables us to expand our warehouses, as well as our customer service team and gives us more content with which to market.

This article was written by Matthew Leighton, Creative Director of OneDayOnly.

Featured image: Matthew Leighton, Creative Director of OneDayOnly (Supplied).



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