Free funding course for entrepreneurs launches 

Startup Circles will be hosting a free online business funding summit to equip entrepreneurs with the skills set to on how to gain funding for their business. 

Startup Circles will be hosting a free business summit on how to raise funding

The business summit will take place from April 20 to 24.

According to Startup Circles, the key to success is securing the right capital by seeking out angel investors and venture capital.

 Sandras Phiri, founder of Startup Circles explains the overall aim of the free summit. 

“This business funding summit is for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses using funding from angel investors and venture capital. We want to help them understand what investors look for in a business and how to build a valuable business.”

The summit was inspired by Phiri’s first-hand experience that has indicated that many African entrepreneurs do not know to practically build a great company. 

“We have been saying for a long time now that ‘this is the time for Africa’ and ‘Africa is the future but that will not happen if we keep focusing too much on theory. Like Steve Blank says we need to ‘get outside the building’ and build real solutions,” adds Phiri.

The free funding summit

Interested entrepreneurs can register online or the course. 

Participants will learn the following over the course of the four-day event: 

  • What investors look for in a business
  • Why taking investment is better than taking a loan
  • How to better define a business proposition with a high growth potential
  • How to create a scalable business model
  • How to maximise the return on investment generated by your business
  • How to find the right type of investor for your needs
  • How to connect with and pitch your business to investors.

The summit aims to positively contribute to the African startup ecosystem by assisting companies with the tools to access funding and in turn help, the ecosystem generate more startups that are cutting-edge and scalable. 

“There is a huge number of investors looking for companies to invest in but cannot find them because most companies are not investor ready. On the other hand, many businesses are looking for investors but do not know what investors look for or how to present their businesses to them. Startup Circles bridges that gap,” explains Phiri.  

Startup Circles has two target markets. The first: aspiring entrepreneurs who want to launch a venture and want to make sure it is investable from day one; the second: existing businesses who want to raise investment to scale up. 

“We found that there are business owners who are very busy building their companies but don’t know how to pitch their businesses. While the business could be doing well, they miss out on massive growth which is usually made possible by external capital. We help these business owners to present their businesses in the way that attracts investors. Also, we put them in front of the investors every month,” concludes Phiri.

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Featured image:  Sandras Phiri, founder of Startup Circles



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