SA crypto exchange surpasses over 30 000 users

South African cryptocurrency exchange platform ChainEX partnered with globally recognized exchange OKEx in 2020 enabling its users to trade within  DOGE/ZAR markets and resulted in the platform gaining over 30 000 new users.

ChainEX increased its user base by 25 times over 12- months and has made Dogecoin ZAR tradeable

Access to the Dogecoin market enables users to buy and sell the Elon-Musk-supported coin with South African rands. The partnership yielded a large number of users as the crypto platform reports that it has an average weekly sign-up rate of 1000 users. 

Wilma Burger, Project manager for ChainEx comments on the exponential growth of users for the platform.

“Our goal as ChainEX is to reach 200,000 users as soon as possible and 1 million by year-end. Why 200,000? We believe it’s possible seeing as we’re already growing exponentially. With the help of our traders, their network & the demand for crypto in 2021, it’s an achievable goal. As an added bonus, every milestone we reach will result in a few of our lucky traders winning a prize. You can read more about it on our blog.”


Founded in 2017, the cryptocurrency platforms provides a service that enables locals to buy, sell and trade different cryptocurrencies in exchange for South African rands as the default currency.

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Featured image: Austin Distel via Unsplash 



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