EXPLORE Insights offers 24-hour data analytics services for SMEs

SA-based EXPLORE Group, home of world-leading data science training institution Explore Data Science Academy (EDSA)  is launching a data analytics services division called EXPLORE Insights. The service aims to provide real-time, personalised insights to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within 24 hours. 

EXPLORE Insights analyses real-time data within 24 hours

“Building an internal analytics capability is expensive and complex.  Our aim is to quickly, seamlessly and affordably provide SMEs with valuable business insights enabling better business decision making and improving market competitiveness. We can provide an analytics platform that can deliver real-time insights for the business within 24 hours,” says Dewald Botha, head of EXPLORE Insights. 

The EXPLORE Insights platform

Data sourced from the South African Revenue Service estimates that there are currently about 18 000 active medium-sized businesses which employ more than 1.7 million people.

 “There are thousands of financial services companies in South Africa employing between 30 and 200 people that are well-established and successful.  Financial services is also a sector that can leverage enormous advantages from technology by managing their exposure to risk. Extracting data insights is crucial to this,” Botha says. Eighty data scientists, many of whom are EDSA alumni, have been selected to extract and analyse these insights from the platform. 

EXPLORE Insights is a seamless, modern analytics platform that allows SMEs a centralised view of their data and analytics. It also offers a range of other services such as report creation, skills transfer to employees and a permanent, outsourced data resource. 

“This is our flagship product offering – one that will provide a platform and real-time insights within 24 hours, on key data sources of companies,” Botha says. “Our aim is to ensure that the client derives ongoing benefit from EXPLORE Insights’ intervention,”

The company has already created numerous solutions for existing business problems, including buyer/seller matching, a street pricing tool that collects competitive quotes, an AI underwriting tool that has outperformed human underwriters and a predictive reporting tool that reflects exposure, risk and expected loss metrics. 

The EXPLORE Group plans to keep expanding – globally. “Other divisions in EDSA have shown that they can compete successfully internationally and we hope to ultimately take EXPLORE Insights services to the rest of Africa and, ultimately, the world,”  Botha concludes.

Visit the EXPLORE Insights page for more information.

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Lauren Daniels, Editor


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