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SA tech startup aims to create the fastest insights on the planet [Sponsored]

Joburg-based analytics startup The Awareness Company creates the fastest insights on the planet using intelligent data by analysing the past to shape the future. 

“Our purpose is to build technology that impacts the world.”

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The Awareness Company is not an Internet of Things (Iot) company but they use IoT because it’s the fastest way to get data from the world. They are not an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company but they use AI because it’s the fastest way to make information more useful to humans. They don’t use Business Intelligence (BI) as a stand-alone but they use data analytics and storytelling because it’s the fastest way to make information understood by humans.

The fastest insights on the planet

Getting data and making it useful so that it’s understandable and actionable as fast as possible is the key to shaping the future of the world we want to live in.

The past eighteen months have certainly demonstrated the need for organisations to digitise and utilise their data to get a clear picture of their operations and make quick and effective decisions. 

The problem is, there is either too much information or too little. Add to that being unable to analyse data and poor use of technology and organisations have the perfect storm of inefficient operations, misused resources and rising costs. 

“Our purpose is to build technology that impacts the world. We take an influx of new and existing data from people, sensors and systems and transform it into insightful stories that are easily understood and interpreted into real-time action – actions that address some of the deep challenges we’re currently facing as a country, like smart hospital enablement, community security and creating safe and smart cities,” says Priaash Ramadeen, CEO and co-founder of The Awareness Company.

One of the ways The Awareness Company is shaping the future is with their unified cloud-based software, HYDRA Intelligent Places, in partnership with Microsoft SA. It is an intuitive, integrated technology that revolutionises the management of large, complex ecosystems such as cities, communities, hospitals, hotels, estates and buildings.

This is the future world we want to create:

A safe and secure world

Security is never simple. Disparate information, spread across different sources with no cohesive data or insights makes it difficult to get the right data quickly enough to make lightning-fast decisions. With real-time data and all the information needed in one view means incidents and medical emergencies can be logged immediately, suspicious activity can be tracked and security response is improved with early threat detection.

Resources and assets can be monitored from anywhere, patrols can be scheduled and health and safety compliance maintained. Deep insights help with understanding trends and the reason behind crime incidents, keeping communities and cities safe.

A sustainable and energy-efficient world

Cities account for 75% of global energy consumption and are the source of 80% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Buildings are the largest end-users of energy globally and account for 40% of the world’s end-use of energy.

Creating awareness of how and when electricity and water are used in real-time is the first step towards becoming energy-efficient in the places we live and work in. When the world is intelligent, it tells you everything. Energy usage tracked in real-time and a well-run energy management programme enables a deeper understanding of utility billing, reducing costs by at least 15% or more.

With the audacious global goal of cutting carbon emissions in half by 2030, reducing energy consumption can deliver dramatic reductions in carbon emissions to meet demanding sustainable standards.

A smart and aware world

Data is what makes us smart. Getting insights and telling stories from that data is what makes us aware. It’s crucial now that we get the right data so we tell the right stories at the right time. In a smart and aware world, intelligent data and predictive modelling allow problems to be detected before they occur so meaningful changes can be implemented quickly to create connected, holistic experiences that move the world from reactive to proactive. It all comes down to…insights.

And that’s where The Awareness Company’s mission of putting the power of data in the hands of every person in the world comes in – and their HYDRA Intelligent Places solution. You can’t improve what you can’t measure and you can’t influence what you don’t have awareness of. This is what the fastest insights should give you. 

If you would like to start creating your future world, reach out to The Awareness Company here or email

This article is supplied and sponsored by The Awareness Company.

Featured image: The HYDRA Intelligent Places solution (Supplied)


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