Small Business Booster Programme launches in SA

Classic 1027 has partnered with Sum of 21 to launch The Small Business Booster Programme to assist local businesses.

 The Small Business Booster Programme aims to assist local SMMEs

The funds raised through the Enterprise and Supplier Development grant will be provided to selected SMMEs. The funding will be used towards marketing and branding campaigns to support local SMMEs.

Janhendrik Oosthuizen, Chief Vision Officer of Sum of 21 explains that it is critical to provide support to local SMMEs to help boost the economy.

“The success of SMMEs in South Africa is critical, giving the high levels of unemployment in our country. SMMEs don’t have the means to tell their story as they don’t have the budget or resources. Sum of 21 is ideally positioned to help the SMMEs by giving them access to marketing services that are, more often than not, outside their reach from a financial perspective.”

Corporate South Africa is encouraged to take part in the initiative by using their B-BBEE grant contributions. According to reports, for every R300 000 raised through the grants process, an SMME will be provided access to professional brand, marketing, and advertising services from Sum of 21. 

In addition, SMMEs will be provided a fully-fledged radio campaign on Classic 1027. This includes a complete media plan consisting of the production of a professional radio advertisement, airtime for the advertising spots and live reads, and an interview with Michael Avery on the Classic Business Show to market their business.

Corporate contributors

Corporate grantors will be provided with full B-BBEE recognition for the Enterprise and Supplier Development grant spend programme. In addition, corporate grantors will and have the opportunity to identify SMMEs within their supplier networks and platforms to benefit from the programme.

Michael Avery from Classic 1027’s Classic Business Show comments on the initiative.

“The crisis of youth unemployment in South Africa is clear and a present danger unless we all start bringing our piece of the puzzle to solve it. That’s why I’m looking forward to this exciting partnership that Classic 1027 has entered into with Sum of 21 to not only help improve the quality of training and mentorship for young creatives but also provide critical marketing and advertising support to small businesses who need it most during the pandemic. What sets this project apart is its relentless focus on outputs and impact.” 

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Featured image: Jud Mackrill via Unsplash 



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