Travel startup Viatu launches new Namibia Covid-Hub

Africa-focused travel startup Viatu has announced the launch of their new Covid-Hub for travellers to Namibia.

“As a traveller, it’s not easy to stay on top of all the updates from various sources. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide travellers with a one-stop-shop for all Covid-related matters that might arise. To keep up with the fast-changing news around this difficult subject, we put a whole team together to ensure that accurate and comprehensive information can be given,” commented Viatu founder and CEO, Alfredo Seidemann.

The Nambia Covid-Hub

Viatu was founded in 2020 and Ventureburn covered the initial multi-million investment that went into launching the Covid-Hub for Nambia. This solution is updated weekly by Viatu’s internal task force. The tool allows travellers to navigate the complex and often fast-changing Covid travel requirements.

The website’s trip-builder gives the user complete control over designing their trip without agents or extra fees. Suppliers are selected based on stringent sustainability criteria, with all trips offset locally at Viatu’s cost.

Viatu is the smarter, greener option for travellers to Africa

The company plans to expand the offering to SA, Rwanda and other African destinations after the Namibian launch. Viatu will also be available in German by the end of the year, with French and Spanish rolling out in 2022.

“Booking authentic and sustainable trips is really difficult. All the solutions out there are time-consuming, manual and intransparent. Our technology offers a radically different approach to booking your own customised and sustainable trip,” Seidemann clarified for Ventureburn.

Seidemann believes strongly in social impact and preserving nature for future generations. “Here at Viatu, we are focused on bringing attention to prevention and conservation rather than simply reversing damage already done. We make it our mission to protect the remaining wilderness in our destinations. We never want tourism to exploit earth’s last wild spaces but rather to protect and serve local communities,” he said.

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Featured image: Miriam Eh via Unsplash

Lauren Daniels, Editor


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