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Telkom partners with Mobiz to provide SMMEs with affordable SMS marketing

Telkom Business South Africa has partnered with Mobiz, a local MarTech company, to provide South African SMMEs with free data-cost free and affordable SMS marketing.

Telkom affirms its commitment to supporting SMMEs

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The partnership aims to provide affordable and accessible mobile marketing packages to local SMMEs. Packages start from as low as R99.

Dumisani Bengu, Chief Commercial Officer at Telkom Business highlights that the partnership forms part of Telkom’s commitment to supporting SMMEs.

“We’re on a mission to become a full-stack solution for small businesses, helping them thrive using digital tools to get online, acquire customers, and become more productive. We will go out of our way to bring to SMMEs those solutions that help them on their journey in a way that is convenient, cost-effective and speaks to the modern trends of technological developments.”

The partnership provides data cost-free landing pages and Greg Chen, the co-founder and CEO of Mobiz highlights the importance of this as 50% of consumers in emerging markets, specifically, Africa, do not have access to mobile data freely.

“We wanted to give businesses an affordable way to stay connected and engage with their customers by removing the data barrier for the end-user. Clicking on any URL link in the SMS and engaging with the landing page, is completely free of data charges.”

According to Chen, standard SMS is no longer “cutting it” for SMMEs in terms of marketing their business.

“Our focus is to help businesses send dynamic SMSs at scale, that allow users to add a branded URL to the SMS, which then directs customers to a unique and personalised landing page. Think of it as Mailchimp for SMS, if you will,” adds Chen.

According to reports, research indicates that SMS marketing yields a 98% open rate when compared to email marketing, this effective tool can be used by SMMEs to effectively grow their business and client base.

In addition, Mobiz will provide users with support and access to a help centre that features articles on guides on how to use the service and its various features.

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Featured image: LinkedIn Sales Solutions via Unsplash 

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