Vodacom RED VIP benefits that are great for professionals [Sponsored]

vodacom red

Vodacom RED VIP plans are the highest tier of the mobile provider’s RED contracts, providing a range of benefits and useful rewards that entrepreneurs and professionals can use during their daily routines.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of these plans that can add convenience while you conduct your daily business.

Travel rewards with Vodacom RED

Depending which RED VIP plan you get, you can earn either platinum or diamond rewards from your plan.

These benefits include up to 50% off on accommodation at the Marriott Hotel Group , up to 15% off FlySafair tickets, and up to 50% off Emirates flights worldwide.

This is useful for entrepreneurs and business owners whose schedules involve frequent travel.

There are also a variety of lifestyle rewards you can earn and enjoy through RED contracts, from free trials for services to monthly discounts and vouchers.

Multi data SIM

RED VIP plans also come with the benefit of up to four extra data SIM cards, linked to your main contract.

This is especially useful when you’re working on the go and need to stay connected when you can’t rely on Wi-Fi. These extra SIMs mean that you can add them to your additional devices, including tablets, laptops, or a mobile router.

This also helps you save battery power on your phone while travelling, since you don’t need to turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The data usage from these extra SIMs are centralised on a consolidated bill, so you don’t have to deal with multiple contracts or bills at the end of the month.

If you travel internationally, RED also offers roaming bundles with low rates that keep you connected while you’re abroad.

Vodacom RED VIP concierge service

Vodacom RED VIP 100GB subscribers get access to the Hey Iris concierge service.

This on-demand service helps you keep daily tasks organised in between your busy schedule.

You can request services such as booking flights, help with planning birthday parties or anniversary plans, sending gifts, and more.

The service is essentially a virtual personal assistant that helps you when needed.

Device insurance

When you have to keep connected with your business contacts, you can’t really afford to be disconnected for extended periods if something happens to your device.

VIP customers have theft cover and will have stolen devices replaced within 48 hours.

Find out more about Vodacom RED VIP contracts

Three RED VIP plans are available at different data tiers: 15GB, 30GB, and 100GB.

You can find out more about Vodacom RED VIP contracts on the Vodacom website.

This article is sponsored by Vodacom.



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