What to know about Vodacom’s Business Internet Wireless offerings [Sponsored]

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If you’re looking for an internet solution for your small to medium business that is simple to install & reliable you can look at Vodacom Business Internet Wireless and Wireless Air.

Both solutions come with quick installation at various price points, so you can choose a solution that suits your business needs.

Here’s a look at the different offerings and what they include.

The Business Internet Wireless and Wireless Air solutions differ from Vodacom’s Business LTE plans.

The wireless solutions uses fixed on-site equipment, which connects via a microwave technology to the nearest Vodacom hub site. The technology aims to give customers a similar experience to a Fibre service without the drawbacks of copper cables or long installation times.

Vodacom Business Internet Wireless

The Business Internet Wireless offering gives customers uncapped plans that range from 4Mbps to 80Mbps with symmetrical bandwidths. Because it doesn’t rely on traditional copper lines, you don’t have to worry about copper theft interfering with your connectivity, it is still coverage dependent though so businesses still need to check their coverage.

You can choose between 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month plans – longer term plans include free installation. A Business Internet router is also included. Plans start at R499, depending on the length of your contract. You can find out more about the service on the Vodacom website and check if it’s available in your area using the coverage map.

Vodacom Business Internet Wireless Air

 If your business is just starting up and you’re looking for a similar plan at more affordable prices, consider Vodacom Business Internet Wireless Air.

These plans are also uncapped, but feature an asymmetrical connection – with faster download speeds compared to its upload speeds, also coverage dependent so a coverage check is needed.

Plans range from 4Mbps to 30Mbps, with prices starting at R349 per month for 36-month contracts.

Wireless Air comes with the benefits of the same technology as standard Wireless plans (Fibre-like connectivity), but with affordability in focus. It’s perfect for smaller teams that want reliable connectivity without worrying about high costs & long installation timelines.

You can find out more and check if you’re in the coverage area on the Wireless Air website.

Business Internet Wireless & Business Internet Wireless Air plans have the option to add on a voice over IP (VoIP) plan that takes advantage of your internet connectivity.

This article is sponsored by Vodacom Business.

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