How the Zendesk Suite helps Ozow deliver of a positive customer experience [Sponsored]

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South African based fintech Ozow has had an important role in growing the use of cashless, digital payments in the country. 

As demand for these services grow, the company has seen rapid growth and the need to innovate its business model. 

But part of growing a business in the digital sector involves adopting the speed and responsiveness that customers expect. 

This is where Zendesk Suite comes in, providing seamless and adaptable support features that have helped Ozow deliver a prompt and effective customer experience.

“Our previous helpdesk system did not fully meet all our needs so the migration to Zendesk was an easy decision to make,” Riaan Hanekom, Chief Technology Officer at Ozow, says.

“We were drawn to Zendesk for a few key reasons. Namely the freedom to build queries and dashboards, the integrations to other systems, time tracking, user history and automations.”

But Ozow is not the only company to benefit from the features provided by Zendesk. The platform is trusted by 160,000 global customers, thanks to our reliability, extensibility and partnerships.

What is Zendesk Suite?

The Suite is a collection of Zendesk services, built on Amazon Web Services, that are available through a subscription.

Every Zendesk Suite plan includes a support ticketing system, help center, community forums, messaging capabilities via social media, voice telephony support, a unified agent workspace, analytics, chatbot solutions and access to Zendesk’s CRM platform Sunshine and the Zendesk Marketplace.

Data tools, automation, and customizable workspaces for support agents mean that Zendesk can adapt to your business needs. Zendesk users are also able to integrate the platform with a number of third-party apps, meaning the tool can be tailored according to how your company’s unique requirements. 

How Zendesk Suite delivers a simplified customer journey

Zendesk’s Suite service provides a multifaceted approach to delivering a high-quality customer experience. 

The Zendesk platform provides both flexibility and security, allowing you to integrate apps that help you seamlessly communicate with your customers, keep track of support tickets, and communicate with your team.

In an environment where customers expect quick response times and an optimized support process, Zendesk provides an invaluable resource that can scale with your business.

These tools work out of the box for ease of use and to help empower your agents. Whether a customer reaches out through social media, WhatsApp, or other communication channels; you can respond easily without needing to juggle multiple platforms.

The Agent Workspace makes it simpler to get live updates on communication to and from customers, create a unified channel for employees to work from, and see the information service agents need at a glance.

For companies that require automation to smooth the communication process, AI chatbots can deliver answers to FAQs and provide replies outside of your team’s working hours.

If you already use a communication solution such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, these apps can be integrated into your workspace. 

And finally, the ability to create reports and view the analytics of your customer support services helps you identify areas that need improvement or spot common issues flagged by customers. 

These features, as well as many more, are packed into the suite to help you deliver efficient feedback and services in a simplified way.

To find out more about the Zendesk Suite and start your own free trial, visit the Zendesk website.

This article is sponsored by Zendesk. 

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