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Partnership makes buying crypto in SA ‘easier than ever’

Crypto: In South Africa, 65% of cryptocurrency owners are men. Photo: Supplied/Ventureburn
In South Africa, 65% of cryptocurrency owners are men. Photo: Supplied/Ventureburn

Investing in cryptocurrencies just got easier in South Africa. Assets retailer Easy Crypto has partnered with payments and data API Stitch to enable its users to securely top up their wallets and purchase assets on the platform in minutes , expanding the accessibility of cryptocurrencies to the general masses.

Cryptocurrencies have been an appealing new asset class in South Africa, empowering individuals with more financial freedom, accessibility, store of wealth, and much more.  The partnership between Easy Crypto and Stitch will enable customers to securely link a bank account to the Easy Crypto platform and top up their wallets via instant EFT in just one click every time they wish to buy crypto assets.

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The result is faster processing times on their payment network, which translates to faster delivery times for the purchases. Additionally, Stitch enables payment settlements to be processed during the weekend, eliminating operational delays caused by traditional banks being closed.

Stitch chief executive Kiaan Pillay says, “At Stitch, we know that in the assets space, timing is critical. Through our LinkPay method, Easy Crypto customers can enjoy a secure, seamless, and fast payments experience whenever they buy crypto – without needing to wait through the weekend, and with far fewer instances of fraud. We’re excited to work with the Easy Crypto team to enable greater accessibility to the growing crypto assets space in South Africa.”

Access to wide range of Altcoins

Some experts believe cryptocurrencies are an emerging asset class that is rapidly growing in adoption in South Africa.

Altcoins in particular offer a wide range of utility, such as access to decentralised financial products (DeFi), facilitating NFT issuance and transactions, medium of exchange, store of wealth and more.

Easy Crypto South Africa offers a wide selection of digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tron (TRX), and over 160+ other altcoins.

Together with Stitch, it aims to make it easier than ever for South Africans to buy cryptocurrencies.

Head of Easy Crypto in South Africa, Lloyd Brown, says, “Easy Crypto is pleased to partner up with Stitch to provide South Africans fast and secure access to the widest range of altcoins in the country, empowering individuals to easily buy their favourite crypto assets, in minutes, even on weekends.”

Stitch is an API fintech company that helps businesses more easily launch, optimise and scale financial products across Africa. Its solutions are said to reduce the effort required for businesses to connect to their users’ financial accounts, to access data and enable instant, secure bank-to-bank payments. Stitch launched in February 2021 and has offices in Cape Town, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria.

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