Huawei Pushes for Africa’s Energy Transition with Solar PV and Green Solutions at Solar Power Africa Conference

Huawei demonstrated its dedication to Africa’s energy transition at the Solar Power Africa Conference, showcasing its solar PV and green home and business solutions. In his keynote speech, Xia Hesheng, President of Huawei Digital Power Sub-Saharan Africa Region, highlighted the importance of clean energy in the transition towards a carbon-neutral future.

Hesheng noted that digitalisation and intelligence are driving the need for clean energy, as computing power consumes a large amount of electricity. Solar energy, as the main renewable energy source, is growing rapidly and will become the main energy resource in the future.

Given a range of unique market pressures — from the increased use of renewable energy and new power grid forms, to the integration of energy, information, and service flows; and challenges to electricity marketization and operations management — it’s imperative that electric power companies continue to improve competitiveness.

According to Hesheng, Africa faces a pressing need for solar energy to address its energy shortage challenges, which are affecting daily life, productivity, and economic activity. Huawei believes that its “4T” technologies, watT, heaT, baTtery, and biT, will drive the development of Africa’s renewable energy. With over 25 years of experience in Sub-Saharan Africa, Huawei is committed to bringing clean energy to the region.

Huawei also called on organisations to take action and transform from energy consumers to energy producers. The company gave two examples of its own efforts in South Africa. Its Johannesburg campus is covered with solar panels, providing 1500KWh/day of clean energy, and at the Waterkloof Winery in Cape Town, Huawei worked with a local partner to provide a clean energy solution that generates 1100KWh/day of green electricity.

“We want to call on more stakeholders to join us in this great transformation and use our abundant natural resource, sunshine, to address today’s energy challenges and contribute to a carbon-neutral future,” said Hesheng.

Huawei believes that by transforming from energy consumers to energy producers, we can build a green Africa.

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