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3 in-demand digital jobs and the traits needed to get hired

Digital jobs: South Africa’s digital revolution is in full swing, driving the demand for top talent in the digital job market. Photo: Supplied
South Africa’s digital revolution is in full swing, driving the demand for top talent in the digital job market. Photo: Supplied

Digital skills have never been more important in the workplace than they are now. According to SAP Africa’s new report, “Africa’s tech skills scarcity revealed,” 70% of South African companies cited digital transformation skills as an in-demand skill.

This trend is observed globally, where companies in the tech industry, financial institutions, and all companies that touch the digital economy see digital skills as a non-negotiable. For South African businesses, digital skills are becoming a necessity, and the demand for such skills is continuously growing.

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Strider Digital reports that they are seeing an increase in job openings for digital positions. Faye Ross, senior talent acquisition specialist at the digital outsourcing agency, says, “Digital skills are paving the way for our workplaces of the future, and it’s no secret that all digital jobs on offer today demand a baseline digital skill set that requires talent to be multi-disciplined and to have not only the hard skills but soft skills too.”

Ross suggests three top digital positions clients are looking to fill:

Product designer (UX/UI)

“UX professionals are empathetic, curious, creative, and solutions-driven. They are also innovative, and this must come across in a portfolio of work, that not only showcases final products but also showcases methodology and thought processes used,” Ross says.

Both UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design form part of a product designer’s skill set. Companies realise that providing a good user experience is a way of upping their game against their competitors, and a good product designer is key to their success.

IT business analyst

“As an IT business analyst, you will essentially be bridging the role of IT and business while working to improve your company’s overall efficiency,” says Ross.

IT business analysts focus on products, processes, and systems, ensuring that they operate seamlessly within current digital trends, the needs of the market, and the desired profits of the business. The successful candidate should have analytical thinking, emotional intelligence, a high attention to detail, and exceptional stakeholder engagement skills.

Software quality engineer

“As a software quality engineer, you’ll focus on developing and implementing software testing strategies as well as crafting and executing test plans and cases,” says Ross.

Successful software quality engineers are inquisitive, collaborative, fast learners, and the ultimate problem solvers. They work closely with software developers and other stakeholders, so communication is key.

Ross advises that candidates showcase their skills by highlighting their work experiences, explaining their methodology and thought processes, and demonstrating their soft skills. These digital jobs demand a baseline digital skill set, but candidates with diverse backgrounds can succeed in these roles. “We’ve seen candidates with a talent for testing propel themselves into immense success via a series coding boot camps or college short courses.”

Experts agree that the demand for digital skills in South Africa will continue to grow, and companies are seeking top talent to fill digital positions. As Ross advises, a successful candidate for these jobs should showcase their soft skills, work experiences, explain their methodology and thought processes, and demonstrate their analytical and problem-solving abilities.

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