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Plural’s AI-Powered Policy Tracking Platform Expands into Africa

Plural, a trailblazing artificial intelligence (AI)-powered policy tracking platform, has set its sights on Africa, announcing its strategic expansion to facilitate access to public policy data across diverse African jurisdictions, starting with Nigeria and South Africa. This forward-looking move, aimed at fostering economic growth, political transformation, regulatory clarity, ongoing digital innovation, and cross-border business ventures, comes in the wake of a collaborative partnership with the local network organisation Afrilabs.

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Plural’s commitment to the region is particularly timely, as Africa is navigating the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and a growing call for transparent, harmonised policies that stimulate free trade and overall economic advancement. Plural, through its AI-driven public policy data offerings, empowers users to comprehensively comprehend and actively engage in the evolution of policies. This functionality is a critical cornerstone for informed business decisions and accelerating economic expansion.

The platform’s capabilities extend into various key areas:

Political Evolution:

As democratic governance continues to gain ground across numerous African nations, legislative activity is on the rise. Plural, with its emphasis on closely monitoring, meticulously tracking, and fostering collaboration around public policy, steps up to play a vital role in propelling political progress. Its services become instrumental in propelling politics toward a more responsive and participatory future.

 Tackling Regulatory Complexity:

Mature economies often give rise to intricate regulatory frameworks, necessitating local enterprises to adeptly navigate through an evolving legislative landscape. Plural’s unique strength lies in its real-time provision of accurate legislative data spanning various jurisdictions, enabling companies to effectively adapt to shifting regulatory currents.

Catalysing Digital Transformation:

The surge in internet penetration and the uptake of digital tools across Africa are driving an escalating demand for software solutions that offer real-time insights and facilitate remote collaboration. Plural’s AI-driven offerings align perfectly with this trend, offering a robust foundation for digital transformation in the region.

Facilitating Cross-Border Business Expansion:

African businesses poised for expansion into international markets face the intricate challenge of understanding and aligning with the nuanced policy environments of different countries. Plural’s wide-reaching scope, encompassing multiple jurisdictions, bridges this gap by furnishing a comprehensive, multi-country perspective.

Commenting on this pivotal move, Obinna Osisiogu, Vice President of Plural Africa, stated, “In many African nations, the accessibility to policy data lacks the seamlessness found in the U.S. or EU. Hence, as these dynamic economies navigate critical legislative transitions, the demand for current, reliable information takes center stage for policy advocates, businesses, non-profits, and government partners.” Osisiogu highlighted Plural’s introduction as a significant stride towards enhancing policy process transparency and democratic participation across the continent.

Plural embarked on a controlled product release in Africa in June 2023, collaborating with a carefully selected cohort of partners to grasp the region’s distinctive needs and tailor its offerings for maximal efficacy. The founders of Plural—Yemi Adewunmi, Damola Ogundipe, and Shawntera Hardy—approached their company’s African debut with the recognition of the digital resource gap in the region. Nigeria and South Africa have been chosen as the launch countries, with plans to extend the platform’s reach to other African regions from September 2023.

Jennifer Okeke-Ojiudu, Afrilabs’ Senior Ecosystem Engagements Manager, underscored the alignment between Plural and Afrilabs’ shared objectives, remarking, “Ever since we identified Plural’s synergies with our Policy Pathways, we have been excited to partner with its launch in Africa.” She further highlighted the recent introduction of the RevUp Women initiative, a policy advocacy endeavor that aligns seamlessly with Plural’s tools, aimed at empowering women-led African enterprises by addressing institutional barriers.

Plural’s expansion initiative is complemented by the announcement of its Freemium offering—a free tier of its legislative solution. This offering is tailored to policy professionals, researchers, students, and concerned citizens, allowing them to harness Plural’s capabilities without financial constraints. Presently, Plural boasts over 34,000 users and an impressive roster of over one hundred partner organisations, including stalwarts like Common Cause, Equal Justice USA, and The Nature Conservancy.

For a comprehensive understanding of Plural’s transformative impact, visit Plural Policy.


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