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VitruvianMD Secures $1.25 Million Funding to Revolutionise Medical Diagnostics

VitruvianMD co-founders Byron Jacobs, Frando Lin, Ifthakaar Shaik (from left to right).

VitruvianMD, a pioneering medtech startup, has raised an impressive $1.25 million (equivalent to over R23 million) in their recent Seed Extension II funding round. The funding, led by 27four‘s social impact venture capital fund, The Nebula Fund, marks a significant milestone for the company as it propels its innovative technology forward. VitruvianMD’s cutting-edge solutions combine biomedical engineering and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to redefine accessibility in the medical laboratory sphere.

Addressing a Global Challenge

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At the core of VitruvianMD’s breakthrough technology is a versatile camera that seamlessly attaches to any microscope, empowered by sophisticated AI tools. This technology paves the way for laboratories to transition effortlessly into a digital pathology framework. In a world where diagnostician shortages remain an acute global challenge, particularly in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa with a concerning pathologist-to-population ratio, VitruvianMD’s solutions stand to set new standards.

VitruvianMD’s visionary approach is addressing a critical issue—diagnostician shortages. In Sub-Saharan Africa, where the pathologist-to-population ratio is a mere one pathologist per one million people, a tenth of the World Health Organization’s recommended level, the company’s innovative solutions have the potential to broaden access to laboratories and their life-saving capabilities.

Unlocking Collaborative Potential

By combining the camera technology with intuitive software, VitruvianMD fosters unprecedented collaboration among medical experts, erasing geographical barriers and minimizing potentially life-threatening diagnostic delays. Moreover, the AI platform equips medical personnel of all levels of expertise to reduce errors and precisely analyze samples, thus enhancing consistency, accuracy, and speed in diagnostics.

A Trailblazing Impact

VitruvianMD’s AI technology has already made significant waves in key medical fields. In haematology, it aids in differentiating white blood cells. In histopathology, it accelerates and enhances the accuracy of cervical cancer screenings. The technology’s impact extends to fertility, where VitruvianMD has pioneered an AI-driven tool capable of assessing sperm quality for assisted reproduction. This breakthrough not only assesses sperm viability but also guides physicians in selecting optimal sperm for embryo creation.

Aligning with Impact Investment Principles

Tishanya Naidoo, Venture Capital Principal at 27four Investment Managers

“This groundbreaking technology perfectly aligns with the Nebula Fund’s investment principles and criteria,” stated Tishanya Naidoo, Venture Capital Principal at 27four Investment Managers. The Nebula Fund, which has garnered momentum since its May 2023 launch, focuses on backing high-growth companies with strong fundamentals. The fund’s mission, in alignment with the Department of Science and Innovation, is to bridge gaps in innovation funding and promote technology commercialization.

Fostering Disruptive Capabilities

Naidoo explained that the Nebula Fund’s investment criteria are rigorously defined to focus on ventures demonstrating disruptive capabilities, business-to-business offerings, exclusive intellectual property, quick scalability into expansive markets, and robust founding teams with sector-specific expertise. The fund places a premium on measurable positive social impact.

Diverse Horizons

While the initial investments target healthcare, Naidoo emphasized the Nebula Fund’s intent to diversify its portfolio. It plans to explore small and medium enterprises with potent disruptive tech offerings that enhance people’s lives. With Naidoo at the helm, supported by the seasoned 27four private markets team, the Nebula Fund is primed to shape the impact-driven startup landscape. Building on 27four’s legacy of strong returns and impact-oriented investments, the Nebula Fund’s focus remains on startups that leverage technology and innovation to tackle societal challenges across diverse sectors.


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