JoJo Tanks’ Cutting-Edge Tech: Introducing JoJo Monitor for Water Management

In the realm of technological innovation, sometimes it’s the most unexpected places that yield groundbreaking solutions. JoJo Tanks, South Africa’s venerable water tank manufacturer, known for pioneering water storage solutions for over four decades, has entered the world of smart technology with the launch of their JoJo Monitor smartphone application.

Smart Water Management: JoJo Monitor Takes the Stage

September marked the debut of JoJo Tanks’ JoJo Monitor smartphone app, available on both Apple and Android devices. This move underscores JoJo’s commitment to evolving from a water storage provider into a holistic water solutions company.

Working hand in hand with a local engineering partner, JoJo invested a solid four years in the development of the JoJo Monitor app and three Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These IoT marvels are engineered to monitor tank levels, measure water consumption, and even detect water where it shouldn’t be. Leading the charge is the JoJo Tank level monitor.

Innovation and technology have a vital role to play in scarcity and safety, water efficiency, utility operations, monitoring and treatment and data and analytics.

Precision Meets Adaptability: JoJo Tank Level Monitor

Unlike traditional ultrasound-based systems, the JoJo Tank level monitor leverages radar technology for highly accurate readings, bypassing interference from the tank’s sides. Sebasti Badenhorst, Executive of Sales and Marketing for JoJo, explains that this technology empowers users to effectively manage water levels within their tanks.

Installation of the JoJo Tank level monitor is a breeze, thanks to its flexibility and adaptability across various tank types and configurations. Customization is key, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into different setups. The accompanying JoJo Monitor app is readily available on IOS, Google Play, and Android platforms. Developed in South Africa by JoJo, it enjoys the support of a local call center.

How it works

Connectivity and Collaboration: JoJo Monitor App

The JoJo Monitor app boasts an intuitive user interface, providing user-defined alerts and setup options. Bluetooth connectivity simplifies initial activation and testing, with real-time monitoring available when in proximity to the device. Remote monitoring is made possible through the Sigfox network, and each device includes a complimentary 12-month subscription to Sigfox. Sharing information among multiple users facilitates efficient water management.

JoJo’s Evolution: A South African Success Story

JoJo Tanks’ journey began with a fundamental concept – water storage. Today, they offer comprehensive domestic water solutions, encompassing water storage, rainwater harvesting, municipal backup, and a range of accessories, including pumps and filtration systems.

JoJo’s hallmark is their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, as exemplified by the JoJo Monitor app and IoT devices. As a home-grown success story, JoJo Tanks embodies South African ingenuity and the drive to find solutions to everyday challenges.

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