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Wynkd vows to shake up Tunisia’s dining landscape

Meet Aziz Bachtarzi, the co-founder of Wynkd set to become a culinary trailblazer in Tunisia. Photo: Ivor Price/Ventureburn
Meet Aziz Bachtarzi, the co-founder of Wynkd set to become a culinary trailblazer in Tunisia. Photo: Ivor Price/Ventureburn

Aziz Bachtarzi, a Tunisian software engineer and radio presenter, has expertly combined his passion for technology and community in the entrepreneurial sphere. As the co-founder of Wynkd, a foodtech start-up, he is determined to shake up the country’s dining landscape.

Two years ago, Bachtarzi noticed a common problem among Tunisians looking for restaurant recommendations for business meetings, social gatherings, and family outings. People often sought his advice, prompting him to realise the need for a more efficient solution.

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“Every time, even if we knew the places, we had to think about it first,” he recalls. “I thought, why don’t we have a platform to centralise all this information; all the details about restaurants here in Tunisia – even allowing the option to reserve tables. We also faced the issue of having to call to make a reservation. So, an application to digitise the process…”

Aziz Bachtarzi (right) and Ahmed Kolsi, co-founders of Wynkd, are on a mission to redefine food experiences and building communities. Photo: Supplied

This revelation inspired the creation of Wynkd, an innovative application set to enhance the dining experience in Tunisia. It all started as a final-year capstone project at university – a bold move that would later become the cornerstone of his entry into the foodtech programme at the Startup Village incubator.

Bachtarzi and his fellow co-founder, Ahmed Kolsi, were delighted to fid support at Startup Village, a nurturing hub for creative minds located in Ariana, Tunis.

“It’s not just a co-working space; it’s a co-thinking space,” Bachtarzi explains. “From the beginning, when I contemplated this start-up idea, like anyone here, I asked, ‘Can you provide me with advice about this or that?’ They are always here to assist.”

From marketing to finance and technology, Startup Village provides much-needed services and support on a silver platter. Bachtarzi is also able to build Wynkd while hosting an agritech radio show at Express FM, which is part of the Startup Village ecosystem.

As Wynkd gears up for its launch in March 2024, Bachtarzi dreams big.

“Our goal is to simplify the lives of every Tunisian,” he says. “We aim to provide a seamless platform where any Tunisian, seeking a restaurant or information about one, can effortlessly find it on our application. We’re building a marketplace and a whole community.”

Beyond Tunisia, the Wynkd founders dream of expanding their footprint across Africa, uniting people through the universal language of food.

“When we talk about foodtech in Tunisia or across Africa, it’s a big space in which we can do so much. Even for Tunisians traveling to other African countries or vice versa, we all want to know what is on offer when we talk about restaurants or gastronomy in general.”

The foodtech potential is vast, and Wynkd is eager to contribute significantly to it.

After all, Bachtarzi’s story is not just about entrepreneurship; it is about belief – belief in the potential of Tunisia, belief in the power of community, and belief in the idea that the future is brimming with opportunities.

“There is a sentence that I love,” he adds. “It is that everything happens for a reason. If I didn’t do radio, for example, I would have never met the people here at Medianet. I would have never done these things and this start-up, so everything happens for a reason.”

As Bachtarzi and Wynkd prepare to make a mark, one reservation at a time, they serve as a reminder that innovation knows no bounds, and with the right blend of passion and purpose, entrepreneurs can create transformative experiences.

Yes, Wynkd embodies a nod, but also signifies a win-win situation. And for Bachtarzi, the word “win,” which is deeply rooted in the Tunisian language, signifies the destination – a platform where everyone is linked; a vibrant tapestry of connections.

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