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AWS and NVIDIA bolster their partnership to revolutionise generative AI

At AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NVIDIA announced an expansion of their strategic partnership to offer the most advanced infrastructure, software, and services for customers’ generative artificial intelligence ( generative AI) innovations. This collaboration brings together the best of NVIDIA and AWS technologies, from NVIDIA’s latest multi-node systems featuring next-generation GPUs, CPUs, and AI software, to AWS Nitro System advanced virtualisation and security, Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) interconnect, and UltraCluster scalability, making them ideal for training foundation models and building generative AI applications.

A Generative AI Powerhouse

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The expanded collaboration builds on a long-standing relationship that has fuelled the generative AI era by offering early machine learning (ML) pioneers the compute performance required to advance the state of the art in these technologies. As part of the expanded collaboration to supercharge generative AI across all industries:

  • AWS will be the first cloud provider to bring NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips with new multi-node NVLink technology to the cloud. The NVIDIA GH200 NVL32 multi-node platform connects 32 Grace Hopper Superchips with NVIDIA NVLink and NVSwitch technologies into one instance. The platform will be available on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances connected with Amazon’s powerful networking (EFA), supported by advanced virtualisation (AWS Nitro System) and hyper-scale clustering (Amazon EC2 UltraClusters), enabling joint customers to scale to thousands of GH200 Superchips.
  • NVIDIA and AWS will collaborate to host NVIDIA DGX Cloud, NVIDIA’s AI-training-as-a-service, on AWS. It will be the first DGX Cloud featuring GH200 NVL32, providing developers the largest shared memory in a single instance. DGX Cloud on AWS will accelerate training of cutting-edge generative AI and large language models that can reach beyond 1 trillion parameters.
  • NVIDIA and AWS are collaborating on Project Ceiba to design the world’s fastest GPU-powered AI supercomputer – an at-scale system with GH200 NVL32 and Amazon EFA interconnect, hosted by AWS for NVIDIA’s own research and development team. This first-of-its-kind supercomputer – featuring 16,384 NVIDIA GH200 Superchips and capable of processing 65 exaflops of AI – will be used by NVIDIA to propel its next wave of generative AI innovation.

Accelerating Generative AI Innovation

The collaboration between AWS and NVIDIA will accelerate generative AI innovation in several key areas:

  • Drug discovery: NVIDIA BioNeMo, available on Amazon SageMaker now and planned to be offered on AWS on NVIDIA DGX Cloud, enables pharmaceutical companies to speed drug discovery by simplifying and accelerating the training of models using their own data.
  • Chatbots and summarisation: NVIDIA NeMo Retriever microservice offers new tools to create highly accurate chatbots and summarization tools using accelerated semantic retrieval.
  • Digital twins: Amazon Robotics has begun leveraging NVIDIA Omniverse Isaac to build digital twins for automating, optimising, and planning its autonomous warehouses in virtual environments before deploying them into the real world.

A Generative AI Future

The expanded collaboration between AWS and NVIDIA is a major step forward in the development of generative AI. By combining the best of their respective technologies, the two companies are making it easier for businesses to develop and deploy generative AI applications. Generative AI has the potential to revolutionise many industries, and this collaboration will help to accelerate its adoption and impact.

What this means for businesses:

  • Businesses can now develop and deploy generative AI applications faster than ever before.
  • Businesses can use generative AI to solve new problems and create new opportunities.
  • Businesses can access the latest AI technologies and expertise.

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