Keter Group Outdoor Furniture Enhances Late Summer and Fall Outdoor Gatherings

In the outdoor entertaining arena, late summer and fall are ideal for mingling with family and friends in the fresh air. Whether the host invites guests for an afternoon picnic, or everyone enjoys an evening together, gathering in the great outdoors is not to be missed.  

Naturally, the right outdoor furnishings add striking style, casual comfort, and superb functionality. Keter Group’s outdoor furniture combines these benefits with ever-growing sustainability.

Five Seasonal Events Appeal to Varied Tastes

A late summer or fall get-together combines pleasant weather with great company. Tasty foods and refreshing drinks further enhance these five seasonal events’ appeal. In each case, the right Keter outdoor furniture will set the stage for a successful event.

Simple, Spontaneous Get-Together

There’s something special about an evening under the stars. Whether in late summer or during the fall, a central fire pit serves as the focal point for a cozy get-together. Family and friends can enjoy their favorite drinks and snacks while soaking up the night’s ambiance. Maybe hosts and guests would prefer roasting marshmallows and even making s’mores. Either way, everyone can savor good company and enjoy time away from the hectic world.

Adirondack Chair: Four Pleasing Styles

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a roomy, comfortable Adirondack chair? These classic chairs come in four striking styles and five appealing colors. Picture several chairs gathered around the fire pit, and add an outdoor side table (or two). The stage is set for an enjoyable evening with family and friends.

Outdoor Side Table

An outdoor side table can hold hosts’ and guests’ snacks and drinks. These compact round and square tables are available in several colors. Some tables are collapsible, making them easy to store even in a small space.

Delightful Alfresco Dinner Party

Few things are as enjoyable as dining outdoors with family and friends. A nice warm (or pleasantly cool) evening sets the stage for a memorable gathering. A roomy patio, poolside space, or expansive lawn can make an ideal venue. Grouping two or more small patio sets together enables easier conversation and offers a more intimate feel. For added convenience, a portable serving cart can easily transport food and drinks from the kitchen to the diners.

Three-Piece Patio Set

Keter Group’s three-piece patio set offers a self-contained conversation hub that occupies very little space. The sets are available in two neutral colors, making them a great addition to any color scheme. Arranging two or more sets together can stimulate lively conversation while hosts and guests savor tasty foods and sip cool (or warm) drinks.

Storage Bench

This versatile storage bench offers comfortable seating for two adults. The bench also features ample space for storing small items that might otherwise tend to get lost or become trip hazards.

Outdoor Side Table

This versatile side table is ideal for holding plates and drinks. Available in square and round styles, these compact tables also feature a choice of several colors. Some tables collapse for small-space storage.

Outdoor Kitchen Cart

This handy wheeled kitchen cart streamlines the outdoor dinner party experience. This spacious cart holds serving ware, grilling tools, utensils, and food preparation accessories. Even better, the host can load the cart in the kitchen and transport it to the dinner party site. If needed, the cart can double as a convenient dining surface.

Movie Night Under the Stars

An outdoor movie night adds an exciting new dimension to a late summer or fall evening. Take a high-tech approach with an outdoor TV, or save some cash by projecting a laptop screen onto a crisp white sheet. Choose a film that will resonate with the audience (perhaps including kids). Offer plenty of seating along with tables to hold viewers’ movie refreshments. Viewers can replenish their snacks and drinks from convenient serving carts and beverage coolers.

Adirondack Chair

A spacious Adirondack chair invites the viewer to kick back and enjoy the night’s movie selection. Keter’s Adirondack chairs are available in four pleasing styles and five neutral tones. Each chair offers sturdy resin-based construction and long-term durability.

Outdoor Side Table  

An outdoor movie night isn’t complete without a side table for popcorn, candy, and drinks. These small square and round tables are available in several different colors. Some tables collapse for easy storage.

Cool Bars

Each of Keter Group’s innovative Cool Bars holds multiple iced-down drinks in the lower compartment. The top section sports a horizontal surface ideal for drinks and snacks.

  • The 7.5-gallon Cool Bar with a pop-up lid that doubles as a small table.
  • The 14.8-gallon Bevy Bar has extra ice and drink capacity. In addition, the roomier horizontal surface can hold more snacks and drinks.

Hearty Oktoberfest Celebration

Although Oktoberfest is a traditional German celebration, people of many nationalities mark this festive occasion. A family-and-friends Oktoberfest can take place on the patio or in the backyard. Plenty of seating, serving carts, and beverage coolers are must-have staples. Foods can include classic German fare such as bratwurst, German potato salad, sauerkraut, and homemade hot pretzels. Traditional costumes also help set the stage for fun.

Adirondack Chair

A comfortable Adirondack chair is the perfect platform for enjoying the Oktoberfest festivities. Four modern styles and five neutral colors mesh with any outdoor decor. The chairs’ durable resin construction means they’ll keep their good looks for the long term.

Three-Piece Patio Set

This compact patio grouping is ideal for enjoying Oktoberfest refreshments and lively conversation. This versatile three-piece patio set fits into any small space, making it suitable for apartment/condo patios and balconies. 

Storage Bench

Keter Group’s multipurpose storage bench corrals miscellaneous gear that could become trip hazards. Equally importantly, each bench provides seating for two adults.

Outdoor Side Table 

Pair an outdoor side table with a chair or bench. Now, hosts and guests have an extra horizontal surface that can hold their beer steins and hearty German foods.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Kitchen Cart

This handy wheeled kitchen cart makes it easy to transport Oktoberfest food from the kitchen to the event. Besides being a hardworking wheeled accessory, the cart offers diners a sturdy horizontal dining surface.

Cool Bars

Keter’s iconic Cool Bars will keep Oktoberfest refreshments ice cold in the cooler’s bottom compartment. The top surface can hold diners’ drinks and snacks.

  • The 14.8-gallon Bevy Bar sports a roomy horizontal surface and plenty of storage below. This cool bar can serve as a centrally located beverage cooler.
  • The 7.5-gallon Cool Bar provides cold drink storage (and a horizontal surface) for a small-space location.

Festive Halloween Party

Late October frequently brings crisp fall weather and colorful landscapes. What better setting for an outdoor Halloween party? Hosts can be wildly creative with settings, décor, costumes, and activities. Generous amounts of seating, plus Halloween and fall refreshments using serving carts and coolers, set the tone for a ghoulishly fun evening.

Adirondack Chair

Hosts and guests can relax in an Adirondack chair while watching the Halloween costume contest. Available in four striking styles and five neutral tones, these chairs will blend with every outdoor color scheme. And the chairs’ resin-based, fade-free construction means they’ll keep a fresh appearance for the long term.

Three-Piece Patio Set

This striking three-piece patio ensemble promotes good conversation while holding two partiers’ snacks and drinks. This small-space set is suitable even for tiny patios and balconies.

Storage Bench

You can never have too much seating for an outdoor party! This versatile bench doubles as a two-person perch plus a much-appreciated storage container.

Outdoor Side Table  

Place these compact round or square tables adjacent to Adirondack chairs and storage benches. Deck other tables with Halloween decorations. When the party’s over, some tables fold up for easy storage.

Kitchen Cart

This sturdy wheeled kitchen cart can transport Halloween treats from the kitchen to hungry diners. If space is at a premium, the cart can double as a horizontal dining spot.

Cool Bars

Keter’s portable Cool Bars can store (and serve) partiers’ iced-down beverages of choice. Each Cool Bar’s top surface has room for snacks and drinks.

  • The 7.5-gallon Cool Bar has a small footprint while providing generous beverage storage. Partiers can use the top surface as a serving platform.
  • The 14.8-gallon Bevy Bar is great for larger gatherings. The bottom section holds ice-cold beverages while the horizontal top surface accommodates partiers’ drinks and snacks.

Keter Products Feature Durability and Sustainability

Stylish, well-constructed outdoor furniture can set the stage for years of lively social gatherings and enjoyable outdoor events. Keter Group has built a reputation for long-life consumer lifestyle products for both outdoor and home environments. Established in Israel in 1948, Keter Group now employs over 5,000 associates in North America, Europe, and Israel. Boca Raton, Florida, is home to Keter North America’s headquarters.

Modern Styling and Proven Durability

All of Keter Group’s outdoor furniture features fade-free, resin-based construction and a striking modern style. Customers can select furniture with a rattan effect or a knitted motif. Wood, copper, or brass finishes are another nice touch. 

All furniture features neutral tones ideal for blending with vibrantly colored accent pieces. Equally importantly, Keter Group’s outdoor furniture is ruggedly built to stand up to all climates and weather conditions.

Best of all, a homeowner can assemble their Keter outdoor furniture with just a few household tools. The products are also maintenance-free, and they will retain their original appearance for many years.

Desirable Sustainability

Keter Group’s longtime mission reflects the company’s concern for the environment. Specifically, Keter structures its operations “to minimize the use of virgin resources and eliminate waste at each stage of the value chain.”

To accomplish this overarching goal, Keter implements a circular economy that integrates recycled content and 100% recyclable products. In addition, the company does not make any form of single-use plastic consumer goods.

Making Progress on the Recycled Content Front 

Increasing products’ recycled content is a challenging goal. However, Keter Group is making steady progress on this front. In 2020, the company’s products collectively integrated 40% recycled content. By 2025, Keter estimates that its products will contain 55% recycled content.

Finally, every Keter Group product is 100% recyclable. This further reduces the items’ environmental impact and signals the company’s dedication to achieving a longer-term solution.



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