Bridging the Communication Gap: EasyComm Revolutionizes Workplace Connectivity in Africa


In the dynamic world of student mental health, Cody Gordon, CEO of CG Technology Group, gained recognition in Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 class of 2023. His brainchild, It’sOk, founded in 2019, aimed at supporting school students with mental health challenges. Rooted in Gordon’s personal experience, It’sOk quickly evolved into an African solution to a pressing problem, earning partnerships with top schools in South Africa.

The Genesis of EasyComm: A Solution Born Out of Necessity

As Gordon and his Co-Founder, Mike Dukes, navigated the landscape of mental health in schools, they stumbled upon a recurring challenge in the corporate realm – the digital communication gap with front-line workers. Recognizing the need for an African solution, they decided to craft one themselves. Enter EasyComm, a cutting-edge digital communications platform designed to bridge the gap between head office and front-line workers.

Overcoming Outdated Communication Methods

In many South African organizations, the reliance on outdated communication methods, such as A4 papers on notice boards, hindered effective communication with front-line employees. EasyComm aims to revolutionize this by providing a seamless digital interface that leverages strategic integrations, notably with the widely used WhatsApp platform. With 96% of South African internet users on WhatsApp, EasyComm opens doors to the previously ‘unreachable’ employee demographic.

African Solutions for African Challenges

One of EasyComm’s unique strengths lies in its deep understanding of the African context. Unlike startups in global tech hotspots, CG Technology Group recognizes and addresses the specific challenges faced by African organizations. EasyComm stands out as a testament to the power of creating solutions tailored to the unique needs of the continent.

Smart Communication and AI Integration

Beyond connecting front-line workers, EasyComm places a significant emphasis on smart communication. In an era dominated by AI, the platform is evolving to incorporate artificial intelligence, ensuring that company communications land as effectively as possible. This innovation enables organizations to gauge employee sentiment through communication engagement stats, offering valuable insights into the effectiveness of their messages.

Simplifying Communication Processes

EasyComm doesn’t stop at breaking down communication barriers; it also streamlines communication processes. The platform offers the ability to schedule communications in advance, making the entire process simple and seamless. This feature enhances the efficiency of communication strategies, ensuring timely and impactful interactions with employees.



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