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Hospitality trends for 2024

Emerging technologies and a focus on wellness will reshape hospitality in 2024. Artificial intelligence (AI) and renewable energy will enable more efficient operations and enhanced guest experiences. Meanwhile, wellness offerings will be in high demand as travelers seek sanctuary from stressful lives.

Renewable Energy Adoption

Sustainability is now a priority. Spurred by recent blackouts, South African hotel group Capital Hotels, Apartments and Resorts will invest £10 million in solar and renewable energy. By year’s end over 80% of their properties will be solar-powered – slashing costs and their carbon footprint. Industry-wide renewable energy adoption seems imminent.

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The AI Revolution

AI will soon transform hospitality. Smart room controls, personalised recommendations, streamlined check-ins, and enhanced security are just the beginning. As Marc Wachsberger, CEO of Capital Hotels, explains: “AI won’t replace human jobs, rather augment them – making staff more efficient.” The rewards for early AI adopters will be substantial.

Focus on Africa

With a growing middle class and heightened international interest, Africa represents a major area of opportunity. The continent’s large youth population and shaking off of negative stereotypes make it a promising destination for investment and expansion.

Wellness First

In 2024 wellness will be central to hospitality, not an amenity. Demand is surging for in-room fitness options, spas, meditation spaces and more. Prioritising guest health and tranquility will be key to attracting travelers seeking respite from stressful modern lifestyles.

The coming year seems filled with potential to transform hospitality through technology and a focus on guest well-being. Though the future is uncertain, 2024 is sure to be a landmark year for the industry.

Featured image by Andrea Piacquadio

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