3 ways big businesses can get full value from their telephony service in 2024

Cloud-based telephone systems offer immense opportunities for enterprises to upgrade their communication infrastructure. However, to realise the complete value these systems provide, companies must embrace specific strategies. Here are three ways big businesses can get the most out of their telephony service.

Transition Fully to the Cloud

While some large corporations still utilise traditional, on-premise telephony equipment, migrating completely to the cloud is essential for flexibility and scalability. Cloud platforms enable employees to access high-quality voice and video calling from any device and location. They also allow companies to easily adjust capacity based on evolving business needs. The cloud shifts the burden of maintenance, redundancy planning and administrative tasks to the vendor.

Leverage Data and Analytics

Modern cloud telephony services capture invaluable real-time metrics on call volume, response rates, duration and trends. Sophisticated reporting and monitoring tools turn these data points into actionable insights that can inform critical business decisions across departments. Companies must take time to deeply understand what analytics their provider offers and how they can apply findings to enhance operations and strategy.

Adopt New Features

Unlike legacy systems, cloud-based platforms frequently introduce upgraded features, enhanced applications and expansive integrations. Organisations should maintain open communication with their telephony vendor to stay informed of the latest releases. They can then explore functionalities that may further streamline processes, boost productivity and improve customer experience.

The virtualisation of enterprise phone systems is already driving significant advantages. However, taking these proactive steps will allow IT leaders to truly capitalise on the promise of cloud telephony.

By Nic Laschinger, CTO, Euphoria Telecom

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