HONOR blazes trail in foldable and AI tech at MWC 2024

Chinese smartphone maker HONOR is disrupting the mobile industry with its innovative foldable devices and cutting-edge AI capabilities, solidifying its status as a tech trailblazer at the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona.

The company’s pioneering spirit and bold vision were on full display, earning it the coveted “Best in Show” GLOMO award and a staggering 45 “Best of MWC” nods from global media – an unprecedented feat for a Chinese tech brand in five years.

At the core of HONOR’s game-changing showcase were two audacious strategies: an AI-empowered all-scenario approach focused on seamless cross-OS collaboration and human-centric AI integration across devices; and an open embrace of the AI revolution through strategic partnerships with industry titans like Google, Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm.

The Magic6 Pro: AI Trailblazer HONOR grabbed the spotlight with the global debut of its Magic6 Pro smartphone, flaunting groundbreaking AI capabilities – most notably in automotive control. In a jaw-dropping demo, the Magic6 Pro’s AI-powered eye-tracking allowed for hands-free vehicle steering using just eye movements. By simply gazing at buttons for a few seconds, users could activate commands and control the car’s motion – a tantalising glimpse into the boundless potential of human-AI interfacing beyond traditional inputs.

The Magic V2: Foldable Powerhouse Since unveiling at IFA 2023, HONOR’s Magic V2 foldable has been a media and consumer darling, scooping up 27 “Best of IFA” awards. Hailed as the world’s slimmest and lightest inward-folding smartphone, the Magic V2 pairs revolutionary design with industry-leading battery prowess, cementing HONOR’s foldable tech dominance.

South African Market Domination HONOR’s innovations have struck a chord in the South African market, where it was named the fastest-growing smartphone brand in Q4 2023, seizing the leading market share, per Counterpoint Research. With the Magic V2 and Magic6 Pro slated for imminent local launches, HONOR is poised to revolutionise the regional smartphone landscape.

As buzz builds around its paradigm-shifting devices, HONOR is driving crucial conversations about the transformative impact of foldables and AI on the tech sector’s future. The company’s vigorous pursuit of innovation through open collaboration promises a wellspring of groundbreaking possibilities – while earning invaluable consumer trust.

To learn more, visit HONOR at https://www.hihonor.com/za/phones/honor-magic-v2/

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