Uber and Metropolitan Team Up to Tackle Youth Unemployment in South Africa

Metropolitan Collective Shapers (MCS) and Uber have launched a joint initiative to provide free transportation for young job seekers in South Africa. The programme aims to remove a significant barrier for youth pursuing employment opportunities in a country grappling with severe unemployment rates.

Recent statistics paint a grim picture of the challenges facing South Africa’s young workforce. According to Stats SA, the youth unemployment rate (ages 15-34) reached 45.5% in Q1 2023, more than double that of the 45-54 age group. Furthermore, only 9.2% of 20-34 year-olds are engaged in entrepreneurship, highlighting the urgent need for innovative solutions.

The Job Seekers initiative, spearheaded by Metropolitan, will offer 500 free Uber rides to South African citizens aged 18-35. These rides can be used for attending job interviews, training sessions, or induction programmes during June and July. The service is available nationwide and seeks to alleviate the financial strain of job hunting, particularly for those residing far from economic centres.

James Boulton, Head of Brand at Metropolitan, outlined the company’s commitment: “Metropolitan Collective Shapers supports young people, whether they’re seeking employment opportunities or building their businesses. We are dedicated to empowering the youth to navigate the challenges of today’s economy. This year, over 500 job seekers and 50 entrepreneurs will benefit directly from this programme.”

The process for accessing the free rides is straightforward. Eligible individuals can apply through an online form shared on social media platforms. Once verified, applicants receive an Uber voucher sent to their mobile number, redeemable via the Uber app. Each voucher covers a round trip up to a specified amount and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants can request multiple vouchers throughout the campaign period, provided they supply proof of job interviews.

This collaboration between MCS and Uber represents a targeted approach to addressing a complex socio-economic issue. By eliminating transportation costs as a hurdle, the initiative empowers young South Africans to pursue opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach due to financial constraints.

As the programme unfolds, its impact on youth employment rates and entrepreneurship will be closely monitored. If successful, it could serve as a blueprint for similar initiatives in other regions facing high youth unemployment rates.

Those interested in learning more about the initiative or supporting the cause can find additional information on Metropolitan’s website and social media channels.

Facebook: MetropolitanZA

Twitter: @MetropolitanZA

LinkedIn: Metropolitan

Instagram: Metropolitan_za

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