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McLaren F1 Expands Cisco Partnership, Bolstering Cybersecurity

The high-octane world of Formula 1 is about to get a significant boost in digital defences. McLaren’s Formula 1 team has expanded its partnership with Cisco Systems Inc., the US technology giant, to include cutting-edge security solutions. This collaboration aims to provide McLaren with comprehensive network visibility, enhanced threat intelligence, and streamlined security management across its operations.

The deal elevates Cisco to an Official Security Partner of the McLaren F1 Team, building upon the firm’s existing role as Official Technology Partner. It comes at a crucial time when cybersecurity is increasingly vital in Formula 1, where data protection and network resilience can make the difference between victory and defeat.

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Matt Dennington, Co-Chief Commercial Officer at McLaren Racing, emphasised the importance of the partnership: “Cisco has proven time and again to be a dynamic partner for McLaren Racing, with their technology playing a crucial role in our success both on and off the track.”

The legendary racing team will leverage Cisco’s security portfolio through a combination of on-premises hardware and cloud-based software. Key components include Cisco Secure Firewall and Cisco XDR, which provide end-to-end visibility and AI-enhanced incident response capabilities.

Jeetu Patel, Cisco Executive Vice President and General Manager of Security and Collaboration, highlighted the shared values underpinning the partnership: “McLaren Racing competes in a world where every millisecond counts, and at Cisco, we are powering enterprise security with AI-native security products that augment security teams to defend at machine scale.”

The expanded collaboration also capitalises on Cisco’s recent acquisition of Splunk, a long-time technology partner of McLaren F1. This synergy promises to deliver even greater digital resilience across McLaren’s entire digital environment, both on and off the track.

As Formula 1 continues to push the boundaries of technology and data analytics, partnerships like this underscore the growing importance of cybersecurity in motorsport. For McLaren, the enhanced relationship with Cisco represents not just a technological upgrade, but a strategic move to stay ahead in the relentless race for competitive advantage.

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