Founded in November 2010, (formerly Citymob) launched in November 2013 as an online style destination for South Africans. Having established a strong and distinctive presence in the world of e-commerce, caught the attention of online retail giant, who officially acquired the website in August 2014.
It doesn’t matter if you’re the creator or the appreciator – Superbalism is a higher state of awareness. Where design matters and creativity becomes palpable. Superbalism finds joy in innovation and gets a high from the unique. It’s that emotion when we fall in love with something beautiful. Or the excitement of discovering our newfavourite thing.

How It WORKS expertly curates the world’s finest art, style and lifestyle products. Members can shop sharply styled and edited features, which offer select brands, latest trends, original collaborations and key insights from people in the know.

The Team

The Superbalist team is defined by its individuals. People who bring unbridled creativity, a dedicative approach and a generous dose of cool to the bigger picture. Sounds like you? Get in touch


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