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7 more tips for staying safe with online shopping this festive season
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10 tips for keeping your online shopping safe this festive season
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A day at the iHub and a look at Kenya’s startups [Video]
Ecommerce sites are taking the chequered flag when it comes to the youthful car buyer market
By Francois Labuschagne

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2014 was as good for early stage startups as it was for established players

Africa Map growth startups entrepreneur Things are looking good for the African startup space. We've already revealed how much established players, especially in the ecommerce space, have benefited from funding this year, but it looks like early stage companies haven't done too badly. At least that's what research from entrepreneurial social network VC4Africa shows. The research, which comes from surveys of members of the VC4Africa community, shows that invested capital more than doubled compared to last year’s research: from US$12 million to US$26.9-million. And the ...

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Thundafund set to launch community crowdfunding platform come January

thundafund2 South African crowdfunding site Thundafund is set to launch a community crowdfunding platform within the next month, confirming what Ventureburn sources have been saying for some time now. The company, which has hosted some of South Africa's most successful crowdfunding campaigns, is reportedly looking to spin off the part of the site responsible for funding things like albums, pieces of art and theatrical performances. The new site, which Disrupt Africa revealed will be called Ripple, is designed to ...


Meeting two worlds: is your personal radio station on-demand

Iono In today's Uber-inspired world, everything seems to be on-demand. So why shouldn't your radio be? After turning down three potential acquisitions, South African PVR-for-radio startup finds itself in an interesting space, somewhere in between the traditional radio industry and the modern digital podcast wave. The question is whether or not -- in between meeting these two worlds -- the startup will be able to capitalise on its unique position, or get cut too thin somewhere in between.'s idea for an ...

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7 African countries with booming ecommerce markets

Africa Ecommerce is at the epicenter of Africa’s thriving economy. With internet penetration rapidly spreading across the region, this represents huge potential which has hitherto been untapped. Africa Internet Group, one of the continent’s leading e-businesses, ranks Africa’s top seven e-commerce friendly countries. Africa is a burgeoning and largely unexplored consumer market. According to McKinsey and Co. consumer facing industries in Africa are predicted to grow by over US$400-million in 2020. This includes ecommerce, which is gaining momentum throughout the region. AIG, an ...

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Here are the speakers for eCommerce Africa Confex

ecommerce Africa Confex The eCommerce Africa Confex, set to take place early next year, has announced its speaker list, with BidorBuy CEO Jaco Jonker and Yuppiechef director Paul Galatis set to take up keynote slots. Jonker will be sharing the steps to your first online sale during his presentation. He will provide a layout of the basic steps required in order to make your first sale and the importance of getting to market quickly. Galatis meanwhile will discuss unconventional approaches to winning loyalty, ...

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Can i-Pay boost SA’s ecommerce by making EFTs cool?

ipay hp Online payment gateways play a crucial role in driving ecommerce in South Africa and the whole world for that matter. The right gateways can give merchants the ability to cut down on transaction fees and create a safe and easy experience for the customer. I-Pay thinks it has the answer to the online payment space's biggest needs -- Electronic Funds Transfers. When one think of innovation in the payments space, Electronics Fund Transfer (or EFT) is probably not the first thing ...

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Zambia’s StreetCred inks partnership with mobile PoS Nomanini

StreetCred Zambian airtime distributor StreetCred has secured an exclusive partnership with Nomanini -- a South African-based mobile point of sale service that specialises in facilitating cash transactions in informal markets. The partnership will apparently see StreetCred encourage Zambian mobile operators and airtime distributors to join it in switching to Nomanini’s platform. For the Zambian company, an association with Nomanini can only be beneficial. The South African PoS service has had a good run of funding rounds in the past couple of years. Most ...