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30 Oct, 2014 9:07 am CAT
SnapScan finally brings mobile payments to parking in Cape Town
30 Oct, 2014 7:00 am CAT
Absa’s Centre of Entrepreneurship at forefront of Newtown’s small business boom
6 Oct, 2014 6:47 am CAT
A day at the iHub and a look at Kenya’s startups [Video]
16 questions every true customer-driven startup should be able to answer
By Aki Kalliatakis


5 misconceptions that are holding your startup back from unlocking the cloud’s true value

clouds-21156_1280 In any developing economy, the potential benefits of ‘cloud based’ products, particularly for SMMEs, cannot be ignored. Yet for many a small business owner, the concept of ‘the cloud’ is still a foggy haze. The ‘cloud’ is most easily understood by small business owners as software services that are accessed via the internet, rather than software loaded on your computer, and where you are only charged for what you use or the use of the software for a ...

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TaxTim now lets South Africans file their taxes straight into SARS

TaxTim South Africa's dreaded tax season is finally drawing to a close. As 21 November approaches, local startup TaxTim is now introducing a one-click solution so we can now file our tax returns straight into South African Revenue Service (SARS). Celebrating its third birthday, until now TaxTim has focused on assisting South Africans with completing their income tax return forms correctly online. Essentially, the company went on a mission to make filing taxes enduring, if not fun. "We are very excited to finally ...

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Knife Capital announces final call for Grindstone Accelerator 2015 intake

knife capital grindstone lead The Cape Town, South Africa-based Grindstone Accelerator programme from Knife Capital is calling for its 2015 intake of scalable innovation-driven businesses. If you haven't heard, Knife Capital is a Southern African growth equity fund manager and advisory firm that focuses on innovation-driven ventures with proven traction. Its accelerator programme, Grindstone, sets out to supply ten companies annually with relevant networks, gap analysis, business support, coaching, funding, and so forth. With a strong belief in engineering growth, the accelerator's previous intake found that ...

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SA startup Journey deploys mobile solution in fight against Ebola

Journey-founder-crowd-black-and-white We've seen many tech companies lend a hand in fighting the Ebola epidemic over the last few months, from top class data capturing tech by IBM to gratuitous smartphone donations from Samsung. Now, Stellenbosch, South Africa-based Journey Apps has developed an app in fight against Ebola in Liberia. We've seen many tech companies lend a hand to fight the epidemic over the last few months, from top class data capturing tech by IBM to gratuitous smartphone donations from Samsung. Currently deployed by the non-profit, ...


How can digital entrepreneurs and startups use digital tools to scale their ideas beyond national borders?

Even if you live in one of the world's larger markets, if you're an entrepreneur it's pretty likely that you'll want your startup to scale internationally. After all, with global success comes the chance to go from being just another business owner to an entrepreneurial global superstar? But how should you go about it? And what digital tools are at your disposal if you want to? Those are just two questions that a Hangout, entitled “The new breed of social ...

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Dragons’ Den Episode 6: holding onto the hoard

Dragons Den SA 6 In the real world, outside of TV, even the most polished entrepreneurs have to fight extremely hard to get funding. It's not easy. You are, after all, asking people to invest their own money in you. This week, the entrepreneurs in the den got a taste of just how difficult the fight for funding can be. Jobbing around Amanda and Paul Rabinowitz, the first entrepreneurs in the den this week, initially had us breathing a sigh relief. The product they ...


3 books you should read before expanding your startup into a new emerging market

books Maybe you're like Bill Gates, who takes a full week out of the office every to read books, and then goes on for another 12 months of business and life adventure fueled with inspiration. If you're reading these lines, you're likely interested in the emerging markets and what they offer in terms of startups and entrepreneurs. For your Christmas reading list, here are three suggestions to start 2015 with more brainpower. How Asia Works: Success and Failure in the World's Most Dynamic ...