23 Oct, 2014 8:00 am CAT
Kickstarter campaign wants to empower Nigerian farmers with tomato paste
23 Oct, 2014 7:00 am CAT
Spark International is calling for 15 savvy change-makers from Kenya, SA
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A day at the iHub and a look at Kenya’s startups [Video]
Inspire Mastery: The importance of collaboration in the SA tech space
By Jacques Coetzee: staff reporter

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Inspire Mastery: Having the right mindset is key for entrepreneurs in SA

puzzle A successful entrepreneur knows how to master his / her environment. An idea can only take you so far. The skill lies in knowing how and when to execute. Inspire Mastery is a series that looks at some of the trends that are driving the journey of South Africa’s savvy tech entrepreneurs. “It always seems impossible until it's done.” This quote from former South African president Nelson Mandela could just as easily have come from Apple’s great Steve Jobs or Facebook ...


Dragons’ Den SA episode 5: from a concrete business to wasted energy

Dragons Den SA The South African version of internationally-renowned reality TV show Dragons' Den is now well into its first season. While the dragons didn't really get into their groove at first (something which can at least partly be chalked down to the quality of entrepreneurs on display, things have improved rapidly.) Don't get us wrong, it's still first and foremost entertainment, but there have at least been some investments that look set to make a big difference to some promising South African startups, ...


ChefHost brings bespoke professional cuisine to your dinner party

ChefHost Logo JPG We've profiled some intriguing startups in the past, but it's not often that you come across a company attempting to meld the limitless world of the internet into the world of premium, bespoke cuisine. Welcome to ChefHost. The brainchild of angel investor and big dreamer Abhinandan Balasubramanian and equally savvy entrepreneur Yiu Yin, ChefHost is "is an online peer-to-peer marketplace and community connecting chefs and hosts for private dining and exclusive catering". Essentially, it is the venerable Craigslist of cuisine, where ...

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Tiphub hosts inaugural Diaspora Demo Pitch Competition

Diaspora Demo Day Tiphub, the mentorship-driven accelerator and business consultancy that develops and supports seed-stage technology and social impact ventures within the African diaspora, has announced its first annual Diaspora Demo Day pitch competition. The competition will be held in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week and will be hosted in conjunction with the She Leads Africa and the African Technology Foundation on 22 November 2014. This event will take place in the World Bank's Preston Auditorium in Washington, DC. Diaspora Demo Day is a ...


The Green Pioneer Accelerator program rewards startups for sustainable ventures

Green-Pioneer-Accelerator Green initiatives are plentiful in a world hellbent on preserving the Earth. After all, we don't exactly have another planet to live on if we ruin this one. So naturally, accelerator programs rewarding startups aiming to make our activities on the planet more sustainable have been launched, most notably is the Green Pioneer Accelerator program. Launched a month ago but making waves in the ever advancing industry, the Green Pioneer Initiative aims to reward businesses in the following five fields: alternative ...

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Global business e-registration portal hopes to boost startup growth in Africa

africa-business-registration This is pretty awesome. Time and time again we have written about how business registration and red tape are some of the key obstacles to businesses development across the globe, especially in many parts of Africa. This might start to change, however. A new simplified online registration system, called the Global Enterprise Registration, has been introduced in an effort to boost business growth in Africa and other emerging markets. The initiative was launched at the World Investment Forum 2014 by the United Nations ...

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Trender wants to be the must-have app for SA’s partygoers this summer

Trender Just in time for the country's summer festivities, there's about to be a new photo app on South Africa's app markets called Trender. The startup's real-time guide to popular gigs hopes to be the essential tool for partygoers who wants to see which spots are trending online and where their friends are hanging out. "Ever wondered where people hang out or which places are popular? Trender offers a real-time guide on what’s happening where, based on its real-time atmosphere," says joint-CEO ...