17 Apr, 2014 9:25 am CAT
Via Afrika’s digital libraries want to solve SA’s textbook problems
17 Apr, 2014 9:10 am CAT
10 must-have startup tools for CRM, communication, documentation
andre de wet
1 Apr, 2014 6:00 am CAT
PriceCheck CEO talks mobile buying in SA, demos the PriceCheck app [Video]
From product to customer: Omni-Channel Retail next step in ecommerce
By Kevin Lourens


Bonjour Africa: how language can make for a more popular ERP solution

Africa Expanding into Africa? Many growing companies are and when they do so, the first real tests of their enterprise resource planning solutions start to take place. Among those tests is the ability for the system to work in multiple currencies, across different time zones and in areas where connectivity just isn’t all that great. And there is one more major test, too – language. That’s because an ERP system which is able to ‘speak’ to the user in their preferred ...

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SA consultancy Anthropology launches, aims to create ‘meaningful marketing’

anthropology SA's consumer marketing space just got a little more competitive. A new consultancy with a focus on direct marketing is on the block -- Anthropology -- founded by Melody Maker and Katherine McChesney, who together bring to the table over 20 years of experience in the digital industry. Based in Cape Town, Anthropology hopes to differentiate itself from the pack by creating consumer marketing initiatives that uses big data in real-time, thanks to a proprietary software that can be applied to ...

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MEF predicts major mobile growth in Africa, notes the rise of m-education

NASA This week MEF, the global global community for mobile content and commerce, released the findings from the second phase of its African Growth Market Study. The survey, which covered Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, provides insights into industry trends amongst mobile business leaders in their respective regions. Additionally, the study aimed to identify key market drivers and encourage growth in mobile content and commerce in Africa. MEF reports that revenue growth and content in the mobile sector was high in all three ...


Built in Africa: Via Afrika wants to use technology to educate the continent

Via Afrika Test Yourself Built in Africa focuses on entrepreneurs, startups and technologies that are affecting the continent and empowering African people. About 12 years ago, I made my final trek through the dreaded world of high school, I crammed everything I possibly could, retaining what my brain would allow in order to cement my future and ticking off that box in my education journey. High school only seems easy when you have left. The education system in Africa isn't where it ought to be. If ...

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Nomanini takes its mobile prepaid POS device to Mozambique

nomanini mozambique POS Nomanini, the electronic voucher distribution platform, has announced the expansion of its Southern Africa operations thanks to a new partnership with a distributor of mobile prepaid in Mozambique. The move continues the company's mission to faciliate cash-based transactions in informal markets and "fostering inclusion for the unbanked and underbanked majority," which the company has achieved thanks to its small orange POS device (green in Mozambique) that can facilitate a range of prepaid transactions from distributing airtime to taking mobile money. "Nomanini is ...

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Chap Chap looks to take on African taxi market by going entirely local

Chap Chap Chap Chap, a Kenyan taxi service, will be launching its own app for Android devices later this year, its founders have announced. The company hopes to solve two pressing customer concerns it has identified in the region’s growing transport sector. With the app installed, customers can look forward to summoning a taxi at will while providing the option of a cashless payment system. “Transport in Africa generally is unstructured and inefficient. We hope to bring in some order, efficiency and ‘tree-huggingly’ good ...


Governance and startups: why legal risk management is a growth opportunity

The Law Mention legal risk to an SME business owner and you can literally see them cringe. While the perceived challenge of legal and compliance issues can seem overwhelming for a business owner, it is the unseen legal risks that can rapidly destroy a business. Often those risks come from where you least expect them – your own shareholders and team. With risk management being a critical part of effective governance, legal risk should be a key focus area for any SME. According ...