Durban lecturer changes the syllabus with entrepreneur focused school

Janice Chetty’s new school, Future-preneurs.

Janice Chetty, a Umhlanga based business owner is determined to invest in entrepreneurs of the future with her new school Future-preneurs.

The program is designed to teach business sckiils to children aged 10 to 14.  Launched in Durban earlier in the month of February, the course teaches business skills necessary to start up a business or turn an idea into cash.

This is a passion project for Chetty who exemplifies entrepreneurship in her own life.

She started her first business, tutoring accounting at the age of 22, with the aim of raising funds for a car.

She now holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. She’s the founder of Mirriam’s Mission, a non-profit company focussing on youth education and she also serves as the CEO of the training and recruitment firm Dynamic Outlook.

Chetty has ensured that her latest school offering is aligned with the CAPS/IEB syllabus, which features entrepreneurship as a topic in EMS/Accounting.

Future-preneurs program

The Future-preneurs program incorporates a variety of topics such as business planning, data collection and analysis, program marketing, innovation, creativity, setting up a company, intellectual property, brainstorming, budgeting, negotiation, product life cycle and so much more.

“We are passionate about entrepreneurship and believe it is a skill that needs to be learnt from a young age,” she said.

“Not only do we focus on entrepreneurship we have a more holistic approach in ensuring our Future-preneurs are well rounded. We focus on mindset, mental health awareness, effective communication, self-esteem, and physical health,” she adds.

With the first school opening in Umhlanga learners are in for a treat.

“We have incorporated a fun, exciting Shark Tank-like challenge for all our learners on the program, at the end of the year we will host an event, with well-known accomplished businessmen and women as judges. The winners in the different age categories will receive a cash prize of R5 000 and a trophy.”

For parents who are not sure how or where the program would fit into their child’s current schooling, the school offers a free consultation to help with career guidance.

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