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zapacab - News

  • Zapacab Releases the Simplest App to Order a Taxi

    Cape Town mobile taxi ordering startup Zapacab has released native apps for Android and iOS devices. This is in response to passengers demand for “clever, easy to use apps”. Zapacab initially launched their product on mobile browsers to allow all passengers the easiest access to ordering a cab. With the majority of users being Android and iPhone users, the requests for a slicker app-based experience have been numerous. Chief executive officer (CEO) Rupert Sully...

  • Zapacap Optimizing Taxis Will Help Cape Town Transport

    Cape Town has been named as ‘the third most congested city in the world’ -a pretty incredible statistic for the city often named as easy-going, lazy or just, ‘chilled’. With a statistic like that, we have to ask, “What’s going on with Cape Town’s transport?” Too many cars only transport one passenger We have some great roads in Cape Town and municipalities are always quick to fix any potholes that come about as a...

  • Catching a Ride With Zapacab – Tech Report

    Zapacab made its first appearance on TV this past week on eNCA Tech Report. Seth Rotherham of 2OceansVibe gives a great run down of the benefits of using our app. Enjoy!

  • Zapacab shifts it up a gear with new look and features

    We recently released a new version of our Zapacab mobile site with new features requested by users. The two most worthy of being noted are that of the abilty to view and edit your detected location to make sure the driver knows exactly where you are, and the ability to easily call the driver once he has accepted your trip. Both these features allow for far greater transparency when using cabs. Check...

  • Zapacab signs 4 Cape Town cab companies for exclusive July soft launch

    Getting a Taxi in South Africa is difficult at the best of times. Calling through to a noisy dispatch centre and shouting your pickup location and cell phone number through the receiver is inefficient. Then to be told you’ll need to wait half an hour, even though you’re in the city centre, well that’s just painful. And lets hope the driver finds you. Thankfully, Zapacab is going to change all that. The startup...

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