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Foodpanda chews down $20-million in funding, targets 40 new markets

Foodpanda panda on a bike Foodpanda and its affiliated brand, Hellofood, have received US$20-million in funding from a group of investors including Phenomen Ventures. This comes after it secured more than US$20-million in funding from Phenomen Ventures and Investment AB Kinnevik last year. Since launch in 2012, Foodpanda gives customers the ability to conveniently choose their favourite meal online which it then delivers to their doorsteps. This online marketplace for food in turn helps drive traffic to restaurants. Last year, the Rocket Internet-backed brand expanded to 20 ...

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The Bandwidth Barn entrepreneurship training targets post matrics

theBarn Unemployment remains a huge problem in South Africa. For the youth of the country -- specifically those leaving school -- entrepreneurship can offer opportunities where there were none before. This is the idea behind the latest programme to come from Cape Town-based tech incubator The Bandwidth Barn. The new three-day programme, called the Post Matric Entrepreneurship Skills Training Programme, is geared towards unemployed "school leavers," and aims to empower them with entrepreneurial skills so that they can forge their own ...


5 important things I learnt working for a startup (and watching Anchorman)

ANCHORMAN Two years ago I joined a startup. I was the first employee, actually. To be honest I had absolutely no clue what to expect and even less of a clue as to what I was doing. The truth is, joining a start-up kind of feels like joining a crazed gang. You aren’t really too sure what’s going to happen next and how you’re going to pull off the job you just pitched but gosh darnit, there is SO MUCH EXCITEMENT. There ...

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Spree shows what women want: SA’s online shopping trends revealed

spree One of the most popular trends in South Africa's online shopping space is fashion retail. Numerous companies have recently emerged trying to satisfy people's growing want to shop for cosmetics, pretty dresses and expensive shoes online. Given South Africa's dynamics, knowing what your customers want isn't always that obvious. Luckily, a recent study by online fashion store Spree gives us a bird's eye view of what South African women really want. Given its target market, 1000 women from Johannesburg and ...


Lagos to host Angel Fair West Africa: gathering for entrepreneurs, investors

angel fair lagos logo One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs in Africa is access to funding. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who have ideas for businesses, or already-running businesses that need help in any number of areas such as scaling or distribution, but can't seem to find the right partner, or investor. For West Africa, things are about to get better, as an event geared around the meeting of entrepreneurs, investors, potential partners, accelerators, incubators, and emerging businesses is having its inaugural gathering. ...

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Microsoft 4Afrika picks five startups for its innovation grant

Microsoft's new look Things are going to be very interesting for African startups this year and Microsoft 4Afrika wants to be right in front for it. Today the initiative announced a new innovation grant for African startups designed to invest in notable startups that will help further Africa’s global presence. According to the press statement, in addition to financial backing these startups will receive technical support and mentorship from Microsoft. Last year the tech giant expanded its venture's arm into Africa through this initiative ...

Africa, Startups solving the small problems before building Robocop

Hotelsng In the world of VCs and big money, being a small startup with very little funding can be nerve-wracking. With barely US$70 000, Mark Essien got ready to take on an emerging market startup juggernaut with a competing hotel booking platform. Founded in 2012, has raised US$250 000 -- the bulk of which came via Jason Njoku's Spark fund -- and it's fast becoming Nigeria's Like most startup ideas, it was easy enough: build an online hotel reservation ...


Small brand, big mouth: 5 web tools for entrepreneurs

Surprised nerd hides behind a computer keyboard over white background Not reaching the customer is one of six reasons says emerging enterprises fail. But social media channels, and other brand-friendly apps, are an incredibly useful -- and cost-effective -- means to attract the buyers who often just need the reassuring nudge digital interaction gives them. Shout out your brand to the online world with these free tools, and watch your business blossom. 1. Logo Garden Your logo is flawless in your head — but it's the designing and printing that strangles your ...

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Gumtree SA renovated with improved interface, seeks ‘mobile-only’ focus

Gumtree Celebrating eight years of bartering everything from second-hand cars to divorcees trying to sell off their side of the bed, Gumtree South Africa's website has recently been revamped to highlight the start of a fresh new year. Bigger fonts, less clutter and a more visually appealing gallery are some of the things you'll notice when you visit the eBay-owned online classifieds. In a recent press release, Gumtree also points out that other crucial elements such as the Related Ads, Most ...

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Daptio: the SA startup personalising education with adaptive online courses

Daptio Online learning in South Africa is still in its infancy. But many regard the African continent as the next frontier of online education, with the market showing signs of massive potential and room for investment. Daptio is on the supply side of this chain and hopes to "bring things back on track" by using deep analytics, and providing personalised learning to teachers, students and content creators in Africa and other emerging markets through its online software service. UNISA (University of South ...