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This startup wants to put phones in trees to save the rainforest, prevent poaching

Rainforest kickstarter Finally, a startup has emerged that would like to solve the age-old question: "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?". To do this, Rainforest Connection is planting cellphones in the treetops. Wildlife conservation is a hot topic in many African countries and South America. The San Francisco-based startup claims to have found the right technology to stop illegal logging and poaching in Africa and Amazon. Rainforest Connection is running ...


Tech that wants to save cyclists’ lives: meet the team behind Backtracker

backtracker-front iKubu is a hardware company based in Stellenbosch, South Africa that focuses on building products in the field of radar and computer vision. It's recently launched a rather savvy commercial product, Backtracker, through the Dragon Innovation crowd funding platform, which aims to keep cyclists safe. So far the company's presentation is working out well, though time will tell whether or not it delivers. iKubu has been self-funded by Franz Struwig ever since it started back in 2006. Two years later, Nolan ...

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My Company – My Startup 2014 to enhance young entrepreneurs’ skills

My-Company-My-Startup My Company - My Startup 2014 is a joint initiative between AIESEC Azerbaijan and AIESEC University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa, which aims to enhance entrepreneurship skills among South African students and the greater region. After a successful implementation in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the My Company - My Startup 2014 Project is coming to Cape Town. Selected by a team of eight international professionals, the project will see 60 Bachelor students participate in an intensive three-week entrepreneurship training programme. At the ...


Meet iKhokha, the latest SA player to take on mobile PoS

iKhokha The South African mobile payments space may not be quite where people were hoping it would be by now, but that isn't stopping people from making their plays in the market. One area that a number of people appear to be making plays in is card reading devices that can attach to smartphones and tablets. Inspired by the success of companies like Square, the South African market has already witnessed the launch of Absa's Payment Pebble and now independent player ...


Uber [enter African city here] is happening sooner than you think

SAMSUNG CSC Like it or not, Uber's path to world domination cannot be stopped. The San Francisco-based car ordering technology company is making its play for every market there is with hunger and urgency. A few months ago, Uber's International Launcher, Patrick Studener, took a trip to Nigeria to explore the possibilities for Uber there. An entry in Africa's most populous nation would mean the company was serious about the continent it seems things have tunred exactly that way. Some weeks ago, ...


Dream about running a startup? Here are 7 lessons to get you going

startup Amazing ideas can spring from the most mundane events. A few months ago, my lawn mower broke. I decided it was time to hire a landscaper to help me whip my yard into shape. As many people do, I grabbed my laptop and began searching the usual review sites for recommendations. The problem was, I kept running into the same issue -- many of the entries seemed phony, as if the business owners themselves had written them. I kept wondering, ...

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Address discovery startup OkHi dubbed Seedstars Nairobi winner

OkHi Seedstars World startup competition recently concluded OkHi as the regional winner in Nairobi, Kenya. OkHi has developed an app that aims to solve emerging markets' concern by lack of physical addresses, both professionally and personally. Explaining how the OkHi app works (iOS and Android), the site says that you create a free OkHi address on your phone in 30 seconds, then share it securely via WhatsApp, SMS or email, and finally, relax as OkHi does the hard work getting people ...

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11 crafty fintech startups changing the way South Africans spend money

SnapScan For startups, the fintech space is a good industry to be in. People are always looking for ways they can make the most out of their money -- no one's ever happy with their account balance. In South Africa, especially, we see a lot of support from the local banks. We decided it's time to give them some credit recognition, so take a look. Ever since the MPesa story grabbed the attention of the world’s tech fans, a lot more confidence ...

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Meet SpaceWays, Rocket Internet’s latest startup for all your on-demand storage needs

ShapeWays The massively popular international tech startup incubator, Rocket Internet, has just dropped a new name onto its list of world-hungry startups, called ShapeWays. SpaceWays is an on-demand storage service that recently launched in London, UK. Rocket Internet says that SpaceWays is perfect for anyone in need of more space -- cheaply and conveniently. For instance, students wanting to store their belongings while on exchange abroad, or people keen to store there winter wardrobe. Moreover, it's looking to get into the ...

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Are we beginning to over-indulge, over-romanticise and over-glamorise failure?

Failure Celebrated This week, I read a very insightful piece in the Guardian about failure and the culture of failure that currently exists in Silicon Valley. In the startup community, the concept of failure has both positive and negative connotations depending on what continent or country you are in. The Guardian's piece talks about Silicon Valley's need to not just invoke failure but celebrate it as well. The oft repeated phrase most entrepreneurs have begun to live by is: "Fail fast, fail ...