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5 reasons every startup needs an explainer video

dropbox explainer video Pre-millennium, online businesses were going from multimillion operations to flame-outs as quickly as small town gossip spreads, taking less than a year to transform into liquidated botches. In this dot-com nightmare, it was easy for a solitary coder named Drew Houston to melt into the digital landscape unnoticed. Houston muddled through the creation of a tech file storage service with the help of some of the world's best engineers. Steve Jobs labelled the company a 'half attempt', and consumers seemed to ...

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Sable Accelerator joins Powerlinx to help SA startups expand globally

what-does-running-startup-feel-like Sable Accelerator, an organisation that aims to help South African startups scale globally by providing crucial B2B opportunities, has recently partnered with US-based Powerlinx in order to expand its goal of being a trusted expert network of expatriate South Africans. Since it launched in 2012, Sable (aka South African Business Link to Experts) has been described as the gateway for South African startups into Silicon Valley and aims to assist SA-based entrepreneurs looking for venture capital and new markets abroad. By accessing and partnering ...

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13 insightful lessons from an inspiring startup failure

success failure Social discovery app Real Time Wine recently called it quits -- a bold move that founder Andy Hadfield credits to "revenue not scaling quickly enough." We all know the famous startup maths: nine of out 10 tech startups fail (author unknown), but Hadfield has taken solace in shutting Real Time Wine down, and has written a "lessons learned" post below. It's a long read, but full of valuable advice for someone on their startup journey. My Street MBA: Lessons learned from Real ...


6 potentially damaging enterprise customer service myths demystified

customer service Exceptional customer service is a key brand-building element in the brand management strategy toolkit to make brands attractive. In the ever-challenging task of integrating and aligning the marketing, brand and sales strategy, marketing professionals and brand strategists must ensure to extend their strategic focus to customer service. Amidst the myriad marketing technology tools available to us, proper customer service is often left as an after-thought, which is only dealt with when a “customer issue” arises. Aki Kalliatakis is the founder of ...

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Jumia partners with African Fashion Week Nigeria, empowers local designers

Jumia Rocket Internet's ecommerce flagship and one of Nigeria's biggest online retailers, Jumia Nigeria, is partnering with African Fashion Week Nigeria in order to promote and empower the country's fashion industry. In a recent press release, the popular ecommerce outfit noted that it was committed to lending a hand to Nigeria's fashion industry and its designers by showcasing their products online, and thus giving them the opportunity to increase their reach and access new markets. Jumia Nigeria currently features more than 20 000 ...

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Intel, Rockefeller Foundation partner to extend She Will Connect programme

Intel Announced at the World Economic Forum recently, Intel is partnering with the Rockefeller Foundation to further the She Will Connect initiative which aims to promote women in Africa and eventually other emerging markets' tech scene. A recent Women and the Web report suggested that, in developing countries, there are 25% fewer women than men online. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the gap rises to 43%. In light of this discovery, Intel launched the She Will Connect programme last year September which will ...

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WPP to acquire digital agency Quirk [Updated]

Quirk Logo By: Stuart Thomas and Michelle Atagana WPP, the global advertising giant, is set to buy a controlling stake in Quirk, a leading South African digital agency with offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, London, Durban and Kenya. Quirk's unaudited consolidated revenues for the year ended 28 February 2014 were approximately R140-million, with gross assets at the same date of approximately R68-million. It's understood that the deal was made, at least in part, to aid in the company's expansion into Africa. Quirk refused to divulge ...

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WooCommerce introduces Bookings: a novel way to trade your time online

woooo WooThemes changed the ecommerce game today by releasing the first ever comprehensive online booking tool for users of its most popular plugin, WooCommerce. The extension will allow online business enthusiasts to trade their time for cash money, set up appointments, connect with clients, link dependent resources, and integrate their services with their website. WooCommerce is well established as the leading ecommerce solution for WordPress users. Over 12% of shopping conducted online today is done through the WooCommerce plugin, accounting for a whopping ...

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Brilliant solutions to localised problems: 4 health innovations in Africa

Health Lead Development in Africa has had a long history of Western influence and subsequent failure. The deployment of Western strategies has been especially problematic in the health sector. In the later part of the 90s, health initiatives were implemented throughout the continent to combat the spread of HIV. Unfortunately, many of the approaches used were based on programmes that had garnered success in North American cities with vastly different populations and infrastructure from the African countries they were doled out in. ...


Beauty boxes: how the subscription startup trend unravelled in Asia

Beauty box Subscription services were supposed to be the next big thing in ecommerce. The concept, in which consumers pay a monthly fee in order to have products delivered to their home, was elegant and easy to understand. For wannabe entrepreneurs, it offered the promise of guaranteed recurring revenue and a treasure trove of customer data. Consumers, meanwhile, could benefit from its convenience and the element of surprise, since they can opt to have the service decide which products they’d receive. Last year, ...