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From design to craft beer, this app maps out Cape Town’s creative industry

Creative-Cape-Town-app Whether referring to its online design, marketing and arts or the coffee, craft beer, and good food, Cape Town's booming with creatives. So much so that there's now an app for it, which puts all the different talents in one neat virtual basket. As part of one of its World Capital of Design projects, Cape Town Partnership together with local digital agency, Domino Digital, has created an app called Creative Cape Town that aims to maps the Mother City's creative ...

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How Evernote is globalising Africa’s tech and building bridges

Evernote You can see it in its logo; the elephant symbol stamped onto the green background. Evernote's got a connection with the African continent, even if it's unintentional. Taking the theme further, the company has recently gone on an African roadshow in order to establish connections and build communities in the emerging tech space. If you haven't heard, the productivity software company is on a mission to show off Africa's tech products on the global startup stage. In partnership with the Silicon ...

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Ushahidi’s BRCK raises $1.2M to connect the 4-billion in emerging markets

BRCK Good news for BRCK after a very successful Kickstarter campaign is that Ushahidi has announced a new round of funding to the tune of US$1.2 million. BRCK is hoping to solve the problem of internet connectivity issues in remote areas. The Nairobi-based technology startup made waves when the product was first announced. According to the team, the gadget could be described as mobile router, and works as a backup generator for the internet. This round of funding was led by Invested Development, ...

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SA devs create innovative stock-tracking app in SunGard Competition

Stock-market Last month, more than 500 SunGard developers in 30 cities around the world took part in the SunGard Global Coder Cup. With the aim of creating new tech solutions for the financial service industry, a team from Cape Town was chosen to represent the Sub-Saharan Africa region in the international final. The final round will see additional teams from North America, Europe, Asia Pacific India and North Africa. The Cape Town finalists created an innovative app which allows users to ...

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Jumia opens up online marketplace in Nigeria to empower offline SMEs

Jumia After celebrating its 2nd year anniversary, ecommerce store Jumia Nigeria has now announced the launch of its online Marketplace where third-party merchants can leverage its online presence to sell goods and services. This comes two weeks after it launched the Kenyan equivalent. The Rocket Internet-backed venture says that this marketplace bridges the gap between consumers and access to products. It's one step closer to building Jumia's vision of having a massive impact on the Nigerian economy. The online shopping company has ...


The big gorilla doesn’t always sit where he wants: why small businesses shouldn’t ape their big counterparts

Gorilla The first time I ever heard the expression about where the big gorilla sits, I became irrationally angry. But of course, that’s how it’s always been, for thousands of years now. The powerful do what they want, and the small people just have to fit in, right? Maybe not. As someone who has occasionally been bullied, I’ve always been most resentful when I’m unable to fight back. We accept that life is just what it is, and we need to make ...

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This startup wants to put phones in trees to save the rainforest, prevent poaching

Rainforest kickstarter Finally, a startup has emerged that would like to solve the age-old question: "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?". To do this, Rainforest Connection is planting cellphones in the treetops. Wildlife conservation is a hot topic in many African countries and South America. The San Francisco-based startup claims to have found the right technology to stop illegal logging and poaching in Africa and Amazon. Rainforest Connection is running ...


Tech that wants to save cyclists’ lives: meet the team behind Backtracker

backtracker-front iKubu is a hardware company based in Stellenbosch, South Africa that focuses on building products in the field of radar and computer vision. It's recently launched a rather savvy commercial product, Backtracker, through the Dragon Innovation crowd funding platform, which aims to keep cyclists safe. So far the company's presentation is working out well, though time will tell whether or not it delivers. iKubu has been self-funded by Franz Struwig ever since it started back in 2006. Two years later, Nolan ...

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My Company – My Startup 2014 to enhance young entrepreneurs’ skills

My-Company-My-Startup My Company - My Startup 2014 is a joint initiative between AIESEC Azerbaijan and AIESEC University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa, which aims to enhance entrepreneurship skills among South African students and the greater region. After a successful implementation in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the My Company - My Startup 2014 Project is coming to Cape Town. Selected by a team of eight international professionals, the project will see 60 Bachelor students participate in an intensive three-week entrepreneurship training programme. At the ...


Meet iKhokha, the latest SA player to take on mobile PoS

iKhokha The South African mobile payments space may not be quite where people were hoping it would be by now, but that isn't stopping people from making their plays in the market. One area that a number of people appear to be making plays in is card reading devices that can attach to smartphones and tablets. Inspired by the success of companies like Square, the South African market has already witnessed the launch of Absa's Payment Pebble and now independent player ...