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How to land seed funding

seed_investment There's a very slim chance you know who Steve Schlafman is, but you've probably heard of Turntable.fm, the fleeting viral interactive music sharing service that raised US$7-million, before pivoting to focus on live, interactive music performances as Turntable Live. Schlafman was VP of Business Development at StickyBits, a QR code startup which eventually became Turntable.fm Since then, Schlafman has turned to investing. First joining Lerer Ventures and then RRE Ventures, an early stage investor in New York City with investments in startups ...


AngelHub becomes AngelHub Ventures with Michael Jordaan buy-in

Michael Jordaan Respected angel network, AngelHub, has stealthily relaunched as AngelHub Ventures (AHV) with new partners. This relaunch follows the buy-out of former company AngelHub by two of its angel investors, Michael Jordaan and Kevin Harris, taking the place of AH alums Keet van Zyl and Andrea Bohmert. We had suspected that AngelHub would move in a different direction after Jordaan left his position as FNB CEO to play in the startup investment space. Given that he's always been one of AngelHub's most active ...

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Uber Cape Town will deliver roses to your beloved on Valentines Day

Red roses Flickr It's delivered ice creams on warm summers days, and offered its users a trip in a motorcade. It's even delivered kittens on demand to customers who needed something to cuddle. Now it's out to make sure your better half isn't left stranded without roses on Valentine's Day. Yep, on Friday, smart taxi service Uber will be stocking up on romantic goodies and heading out across Cape Town. As part of a partnership with tuk tuk company Monarch Tuksis and online store ...

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MoboFree social mobile marketplace receives growth funding from eVA Fund

mobofreelogo1_withslogan_nobg Online marketplaces are, in reality, most likely a nightmare to manage and monitor. From the plethora of scams out there to fake users and posts, running an online marketplace is not for the faint of heart, especially in Africa, notorious for online scams. Mobofree, an African-based mobile marketplace with a social twist that allows people to "buy, sell and swap products with other trusted people", wants to situate itself as Africa's leading mobile "scam-free" marketplace, and thanks to new funding from ...

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Lead nurturing: leverage relationships to maximise conversions at your startup

sale simon greig flickr cc 01 Lead nurturing is the process of carefully building a relationship with potential clients, even though they might not be looking to make an immediate purchase with you. The purpose of this activity is to acknowledge a lead's contact action, establish an initial connection and gain a favorable bias in their minds at an initial stage -- so that ultimately they choose you over your competitors. Is it for you? Lead nurturing makes more sense for companies who can easily segment their customers ...

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Publicity boosts trade, so don’t skimp on your public relations

Public relations Public relations is an indispensable tool for big businesses in a fiercely competitive environment. That’s because these companies understand the need for publicity to keep them relevant and visible in the marketplace, and they are prepared to pay for it. Smaller companies on the other hand, don’t always create a budget for PR -- yet it can give them the exposure they need to grow their presence, build and improve sales and bottom line performance. So why isn’t PR higher up ...

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iTech Capital invests $10 million in Russian travel search platform Aviasales

aviasale With the Winter Olympics underway, Russia's all about the travel. Whether it be booking flights or hotels, getting to know the good or bad, people need to be able to weigh their options fairly. The Russia-based Private Equity and Venture Capital fund, iTech Capital, has invested US$10 million in the popular Russian online travel search engine, Aviasales, buying a minority stake in the company. The investment will be used to further develop the service, expand the team, and to promote ...


The dangers of startup success and brilliant strategic exits: a case for Flappy Bird

Flappy-Bird This weekend Dong Nguyen let the world know that his wildly successful mobile game Flappy Bird was ruining his "simple life". In a series of tweets, he explained that it had nothing to do with legal issues and he does not want to sell it -- he was simply done with it. I am sorry 'Flappy Bird' users, 22 hours from now, I will take 'Flappy Bird' down. I cannot take this anymore.— Dong Nguyen (@dongatory) February 8, 2014 It is not ...

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Project management: 3 myths debunked and the skills needed for the future

cloud computing future trends One of the major hurdles companies face in being able to extract the maximum value from their project management infrastructure and strategies is perception -- or, in fact, misperception of project management in practice. It is time to debunk inaccurate theories and expose the myths. The cost The first of these is that only large companies can afford Project Management software. That may have been the case a few years ago, it certainly is not the case now. Today, small and ...

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Revolutionise the way you equip your business with OfficeBox

OfficeBox Ever find yourself scavenging your desk for a pen, staplers and envelopes, only to find that you've run out of stock? Of course you have. OfficeBox wants to remedy this. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, offices can sign up with its subscription package and have all their day-to-day essentials delivered to their doorsteps. The company is set to expand across the country and wants to revolutionise the way South African offices gobble up stationery. Since launching August 2013, the ...