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Mail & Guardian CTO, WeChat Africa head among EMA Summit keynotes

EMA summit 2014 The Enterprise Mobility Africa Summit (EMA Summit) will be taking place at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg, 6-7 February 2014. The agenda is packed with industry speakers and geared to connect attendees with both the early adopters, and the developers of Enterprise Mobility (EM) technology. Keynote speakers at the summit are set to cover hot topics such as Alistair Fairweather, CTO of the Mail and Guardian, speaking about customer-facing applications and customer-driven mobility projects. As Fairweather was responsible for launching ...


This all-female startup aims to make online speed dating less creepy

Peekawoo A number of dating app startups have come out in Asia. In the Philippines, there’s one more startup to add to the list. Peekawoo offers a different take on meeting new people by putting speed dating on a web app. Peekawoo allows its users to chat with someone every two minutes. Just like actual speed dating, the goal is to quickly talk to people to see if chemistry exist between two people. If person A likes person B, he or she ...

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4 surprising lessons startups can learn from the new Korean entrepreneur

korea lady on steps South Korea is world renowned for its Chaebol, the family owned conglomerates which became the driving force of the nation’s economic might in the early 1960’s. The companies in this elite group -- Samsung, LG, Hyundai -- have become global household names over the last few decades, and the country owes much of its prosperity to these giants of worldwide industry. Move over Chaebol Domestically and more recently however, Korea’s business scene is in the throes of a serious shake-up. In a ...

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Empire Communications targets youth, rural areas to propel Zim’s IT sector

zimbabwe flag Zimbabwe isn't the easiest place when it comes to starting out a business. According to the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business index it ranks 170 out of 183 -- to say doing business there is tough would be an understatement. This is why a company like Empire Communications -- a public relations and communications agency -- is brave. Empire Communications, founded and owned by Tawanda Chitiyo, wants to facilitate content management and provide "new media tools" for Zimbabwean entrepreneurs, ...

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SleepOut spurs travelers by launching Donkey Selfie Competition

sleepout Love donkeys? Of course you do, who doesn't -- they're cute hard-working mammals with exceptionally long ears. And so, online accommodation startup SleepOut and HackerBeach are jumping the bandwagon (with or without the donkeys) by introducing the world’s first Donkey Selfie Competition. Another exceptional quality about these mammals is that they are known for their traveling skills. In order to spur the nomad in all of us, SleepOut's ambitious competition requires contestants to take a selfie of themselves and a donkey ...

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India spent US$16-billion online in 2013, up 88% from 2012

tah mahal india We know that India’s ecommerce industry is booming and lots of investment is flooding in, but how much are ordinary people actually spending online? According to new figures from the Indian commerce group ASSOCHAM, the nation’s eshoppers spent US$16 billion in 2013. That’s a rise of 88 percent from the US$8.5 billion figure in 2012. That’s strong growth, the group says in its new white paper, from the estimated US$2.5 billion spent by Indian eshoppers in 2009. It’s claimed that the ...


Here are 6 South African startups worth watching in 2014

South African flag Ventureburn, with our focus on emerging markets, covered a fare amount of startups from the BRIC countries and the likes in 2013. With our eye on 2014, let's take a look at seven startups from South Africa specifically, with Africa to follow, that caught our eye then, and are worth following into 2014. Mellowcabs There are a plethora of taxi startups coming out of South Africa, all hoping to secure the market and get a piece the country's multi billion rand ...

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Konga to host screening of ‘Crocodile in the Yangtze (The Alibaba Story)’

crocodile on the yangtze Konga believes that 2014 will be a promising and rewarding year for the Nigerian technology and business ecosystems, not only because there will be growth, but because these sectors will provide solutions to Nigerians at large. In an effort to inspire, and kick off 2014 in style, Nigerian ecommerce site Konga, in collaboration with Porter Erisman, are hosting a screening of the award-winning documentary Crocodile in the Yangtze (The Alibaba story), taking place at the Ozone Cinemas, Yaba Lagos on ...

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Financial comparison site MoneyMax adds new money-savvy services

moneymax Based in the Philippines, MoneyMax offers consumers a cheap way to compare and find different financial services ranging from credit card plans to insurance to broadband and more. The startup has recently made its first line of categories available in an effort to eventually become the leading go to online resource for people wanting to become money-savvy. The company notes that it uses a complex comparison engine that generates a simplified, customized market overview of selected product categories based on ...

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Checklist: the 3 things you need for smart growth

growth Your company is finally up and running, but you’re ready to get out of the startup phase. Perhaps those 80-hour weeks aren’t so much fun anymore and you’d like to bring on some help, or maybe you’d just like your business to generate more revenue. Whatever your reason, you need to look before you leap. Before you consider growing your startup, you need to know that your business is ready. Your Checklist for Smart Growth Here are the things an entrepreneur must have ...