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South African photo editing startup Over wins global U-Start competition

Over-new Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, mobile app startup Over has been named the number one startup at the international U-Start competition in Milan, Italy. The U-Start competition has sourced impressive early-stage ventures from across the globe. With startups hailing from Brazil, Chile, Russia, South Africa and Europe, eighteen ventures were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of a group of renowned international investors. The five South African startups which were chosen to pitch their businesses in ...

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Livity Africa launches Digify to create digitally astute young South Africans

livity Livity Africa is launching a digital bootcamp for youth aged from 18 to 25 interested in pursuing a career in digital. The programme, called Digify, is in association with Google and IAB SA and will teach participants digital and social media skills. Livity Africa is a Cape Town based non-profit company that focuses on launching the careers of young South Africa through paid internships and training programmes. They are most widely known for publishing Live Magazine SA, an online and print ...


Built in Africa: Meet the young African scientists and engineers competing at Intel’s ISEF

SAMSUNG CSC Built in Africa focuses on entrepreneurs, startups and technologies that hail from the continent and empower its citizens. Touted as the world’s largest international pre-university science competition, Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) provides a platform for young innovators to create, invent and reinvent in the field of science and engineering and hopefully change the world. Annually the competition brings together more than 1 700 high school students from over 70 countries, regions, and territories to showcase their independent research ...

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Future Africa Awards 2014 looking for local game-changers

Future-Africa-awards The Future Africa Awards & Summit 2014 has recently launched and is calling for nominations. The ninth installment of this annual event aims to inspire African leadership and build enterprise by promoting experts from fields that include business, innovation, education and entertainment. "As the world focuses on Africa, with global leaders weighing in on our most pressing solutions, we are excited to launch yet another season of the premier event for Africa's young leaders," said Adebola Williams, who is co-founder of ...


Shipping and delivery: what customers expect from online retailers

Online buying Technology research company World Wide Worx recently produced a report on the growth of internet access in South Africa -- including projections for the remainder of this decade. The results provide a clear indication of where retail spend is heading: In 2010, 6.8m citizens had internet access with 3.6m engaging in online shopping activity. In 2014 expectation is that 5.3m shoppers will engage online (from an estimated 15.6m who have access). In six years the two curves move significantly closer to each other, ...

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10 online tools to help you run your startup better [Video]

online tools venturetv 800 x 430 Welcome to the first episode of our brand new YouTube show VentureTV -- a weekly show for entrepreneurs where we'll share tools, tips and insights to help you run your startup better, or anything we think will add value to you on your startup journey. Ventureburn receives a lot of requests from startups about which online tools they should be using to run their business the best way they can. In this episode, managing editor Mich Atagana shares 10 tools that ...

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WooThemes hopes security breach, 1 000 fraudulent cases, will make it ‘even stronger’

woothemes Wordpress Theme and Plugin provider, WooThemes, announced last week that it had received reports of fraudulent activities on customers' credit cards. An update to an official blog post on 12 May confirmed that there had been close to 1 000 fraudulent cases reported, but these reports have drastically slowed down. After the attacks were brought to WooThemes' attention, the company set out to determine the origin of the vulnerability. After updating its SSL certificate, requesting a full review by its host ...

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Microsoft brings TV white space project to Ghana, announces partnerships

microsoft 4afrika alt Part of the 4Afrika Initiative, Microsoft's TV white space programme first took form in South Africa last year in efforts to provide low-cost wireless connectivity to the masses, and has now recently expanded to Ghana. The tech giant has also partnered with SpectraLink Wireless and Facebook and announced that it's now involved in programme pilots in ten countries. The basic concept of TV white spaces relies on frequency bands which are generally set aside for television transmissions in order to ...


Is intrapreneurship a myth or could it be a key differentiator for your business?

Innovation In recent years the power and potential of entrepreneurship has become more and more entrenched in public debate and the attention on this particular field of human endeavour has increased exponentially. This shift was well captured by Jonathan Ortmans, CEO of Global Entrepreneurship Week, when commenting that, “Entrepreneurship has been transformed from a subject of narrow commercial significance into one of substantive cultural consequence that signifies the potential of human endeavour for the benefit of all.” And it is in this seeking ...

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10 survival strategies for getting your startup funded

funding Alexis Horowitz-Burdick is the founder and CEO of online cosmetics store Luxola, which has raised US$10 million from investors. But before she was able to get to that stage, she adopted a brute force approach to raising money. Soon after starting Luxola, she created a list of 500 investor email addresses and contacted all of them. Half wrote back expressing interest in learning more, while the other half either turned her down or gave no reply. But despite having worked ...