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What SA startups should take away from the 2014 budget speech

SiMODiSA Last week was the South African budget speech for 2014. While some might be upset about the recent tax increase of alcohol and cigarettes, others are focusing on the brighter things in life. SiMODiSA which is an initiative that seeks to promote and further high growth and innovative SMEs in South Africa, highlights a number of these points of interest. SiMODiSA notes that these policies (many of which itself recommended) aim to be the key drivers of economic growth and job ...

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88mph, L5Lab launch joint venture fund ’440′ for Nigerian tech startups

88mph In an attempt to further boost the West African tech scene, seed fund and accelerator 88mph has recently announced the launch of its latest joint venture startup fund in Lagos, Nigeria. The 440 accelerator programme is a joint venture fund between 88mph and the West African-based L5Lab. The latter is responsible for supporting African tech startups such as job vacancy platform Jobberman, online car retailer Cheki , and bus ticketing solution startup Oya. In partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs, the ...

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LaunchPad connects students to startup internships in Asia

launchpad Ever wanted an internship in Asia? Students and graduates from around the world now have access to information on the best internships offered by startups in Asia, thanks to iMoney, one of Malaysia's leading financial product comparison website. The jobs site? It's called LaunchPad. Asia is one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world, alongside Africa, and its blossoming startup scene will give interns a hands-on experience in a fast-paced environment. LaunchPad, which functions as an internship aggregator, is effectively a jobs ...

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SA investors need to invest in local entrepreneurs: the Triggerfish story

triggerfish studio logo Last week I attended the SiMODiSA forum set-up for South Africa’s entrepreneurs and investors to help promote the conditions necessary for entrepreneurial activity to flourish -- something South Africa desperately needs. Malik Fal from the Omidyar Network opened up with some powerful numbers: There are 50 million South Africans of which 15 million are economically active. Of these, 10 million are employed with only 5 million earning sufficient income to be registered taxpayers. This is a ticking time bomb, as he ...

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Asia Leaders Summit: 9 Southeast Asian startups with impressive traction

asia leaders summit At the inaugural Asia Leaders Summit in Singapore, nine fundraising startups from Southeast Asia took the stage to present to a roomful of tech C-suites and investors about their goals and progress. One common trait about these startups is that they’ve gotten traction of some sort, and are set to see substantial growth this year. In no order of merit, here they are: 1. Coda Payments -- Singapore Coda Payments gives customers an easy way to buy stuff online using their pre- and ...

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Microsoft’s bet on Africa grows with launch of youth gadget programme

4afrika_youth_device_program We've written quite a bit about Microsoft's 4Afrika initiative which sees the software giant explore ways of linking the growth of its business to growth on the continent. The company is now throwing weight behind its Youth Device Programme under which it will provide a bundle of affordable devices, educational applications, online services, affordable data plans, and smart financing to Kenyan learning institutions. The rollout is done in conjunction with Intel's East Africa presence and the Kenya Private Schools Alliance ...

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Why it’s important for big business to foster small startups in Africa

plant money growth The much talked about success story of Africa tends to highlight the continent's growth. The economy might be improving at an impressive rate yet there's still a growing pool of young, talented and creative citizens who are left unemployed. To remedy this, big businesses play an increasingly important role to foster Africa's noteworthy potential. To give you a better idea of how such programmes can really change the lives of people around the continent, winner of the 2013 Anizsha Prize, ...

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SSX: ‘The evolution of crowdfunding’ for startups [Video]

ssx Crowdfunding has become something of a phenomenon in the last few years. Key players like Kickstarter have facilitated products and projects coming to life that otherwise would never have seen the light of day. Yet when it comes to crowdfunding startups it becomes a lot trickier -- for example how liquid is your investment, or moreover, how secure is it? The Startup Stock Exchange (SSX), headquartered in Curaçao, believes that it is the marketplace to handle these issues, combining the benefits ...


From iHub to the BRCK: how Ushahidi became an African success story

Juliana Rotich If you’ve spent more than a minute in the African tech scene, you’ve probably heard of Ushahidi -- and the Kenyan team behind the non-profit software didn’t stop with its crisis mapping, crowd sourcing service. It went on to create iHub, a space for Nairobi’s geeks and innovators to meet, collaborate and turn their ideas and code into the next wave of exciting startups. It then rocked Kickstarter with the BRCK -- its backup generator for the internet, which is ...

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Daredevil startup DonationShop gets charities into ecommerce, for zero down

donationshop Charities are taking an increasingly entrepreneurial approach to sustaining their initiatives. US-based MalaikaForLife, for example, runs an ecommerce store that stocks bracelets produced by a group of 150 women in Tanzania. The proceeds go towards providing them with a source of sustainable income and for stamping out malaria in the region. Then there's DoGoodBuyUs, a type of Etsy for charities, which stocks hundreds of charity made products. The trouble is that in order for a charity to produce these products, they ...