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Don’t discount Durban when it comes to South Africa’s digital landscape

Durban Durban is renowned for its beaches, surfers and sharks. Durban is also an up-and-coming digital and media force that could soon give the big players a run for their money. Home to some serious contenders in the web and app development space in South Africa, including SA Web Design as well as a range of new and existing digital marketing advertising agencies such as Paton Tupper, and big businesses such as Unilever and Mr Price, Durban is becoming an interesting hub ...

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Naija Workman set for early 2014, links Nigeria’s informal workforce to jobs

Naija Workman Naija Workman is ready to take the new year's informal economy by storm as it preps itself to launch next month. The platform aims to become a pioneer in the Nigerian local services market by efficiently organizing the informal sector for local services and streamlining the hiring process for customers. Though booming, issues such as legitimacy and trust are still rife in the informal industry and access to West Africa's informal economy is extremely limited. Naija Workman wants to change ...

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Frozen Chimez Animation aims to bring high-end animation to SA corporates

frozen chimez animation lead South Africa's animation scene has been on the up ever since Triggerfish animation studio started releasing worldwide blockbuster hits such as Zambezia and Khumba. Spurred on by success in the art and entertainment sector, new players are starting to emerge, especially on the corporate side of things, such as with new animation 'specialists' Frozen Chimez Animation opening up its doors in Cape Town. Frozen Chimez Animation's mission statement as listed on its website, is to 'create high-end animation, design and motion ...


Want to include liquor in your startup’s product range? Here’s what you need to know

Beers Rob Heyns started The League of Beers, one of South Africa’s leading online suppliers of local and international craft beer. We asked him for his thoughts about what to expect when running a startup in South Africa that includes alcohol in its product lineup. If you’re keen to start a liquor business, you need to be able to do two things: Define your business Define your place of operation. The type of business and the location are the most important things ...

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USAID awards $13-million to empower clean tech in emerging markets

USAID In an effort to encourage innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in emerging markets, USAID (United States Agency for International Development) today announced the 12 winning organizations that will collectively receive US$13-million in funding via the Powering Agriculture initiative. This fund will support projects and entrepreneurs aimed at integrating clean energy technology into the agriculture sectors of developing countries. As reported by AllAfrica, out of a selected pool of 475 applications the winning organisations will design and deploy market-based, clean energy solutions ...

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You need rest: 6 tools to put your business on autopilot this holiday

cocktails You need to relax. Your business... not so much. You can rest (only temporarily of course) while your company ploughs through the up-coming holiday season like the good workhorse it's meant to be. Undoubtedly these tools will serve as your little helpers through the season only and their overall effectiveness will range depending on how much your operations and workforce depend on the internet. Trello During the holidays, when most of the company (if not all) is separated, Trello will help ...


Intelclinic wins #LeWeb startup competition

LaWeb Logo IntelClinic was named the winner of LeWeb's startup competition in Paris today following an interesting demo of its sleep mask. The competition provides startups with an international platform to pitch their companies to technologists, angel investors and venture capitalists for possible funding. Intelclinic says that it helps people gain more time by lowering the amount of sleep they need to get refreshed and regenerated. "We created NeuroOn - the world’s first brainwaves monitoring SLEEP MASK - allowing to switch from monophasic ...

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Richard Branson dubs 2014 ‘The year of the entrepreneur’

Entrepreneur idea In a recent blog post on LinkedIn which features in 2014's Big Ideas category, Virgin Active entrepreneur Richard Branson shares his thoughts on what he believes to be the most influential ideas of next year in shaping entrepreneurship. Referring to his predictions for 2014, Branson writes that because of a general growing access to technology, more entrepreneurs across the globe are becoming more capable of leveraging powerful tools to compete with greater markets. "I believe 2014 will be the year ...

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Carmudi Nigeria finds sweet spot as motor industry changes shape

Carmudi Previously going by the name Carmido, Carmudi Nigeria is an online marketplace for vehicles that today announced it has hit a massive surge in popularity over the past months as it continues to show promising signs for Nigeria’s developing automotive industry. By offering diverse vehicle listings, Carmudi lets customers find or sell their cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles online. With recent political changes, Carmudi has managed to hit the ultimate sweet spot in its market. Monthly visits to Carmudi Nigeria ...


Mashauri: the rise of the virtual accelerator

mashauri Traditional startup accelerators operate on a tried and tested model: knowledge and cash in exchange for equity. Mashauri, an online accelerator aimed at increasing the success rates of startups across the globe, is trying something different. For a monthly fee, Mashauri will serve up know-how over the web, or if your startup is in its concept stage, advice is free. Mashauri can be considered the scenic route adjacent to a fast-track which includes accelerators like Y Combinator, 500 Startups and 88mph. ...