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Michael Jordaan’s MonteGrey Capital makes first VC bets and it’s all about tech

Michael Jordaan Last year when former FNB head Michael Jordaan joined South African instant messaging service Mxit as chairman, we heard that his new aspirations were to learn more about innovation and investing in startups. Soon after, Jordaan launched his first VC firm, MonteGray Capital. Today, news came about that the first companies getting a cash injection from MonteGrey include interesting tech companies such as Multisource, Bright Black and Execmobile. Jordaan has mentioned before that he's interested in "disruptive technologies that will ...

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IBM study identifies African businesses’ need to adopt technology

3D Africa A recent study by IBM titled Setting the pace in Africa: How IT leaders deliver on the potential of emerging technologies has revealed that 36% of businesses in Africa could be considered as prioritizing and rapidly adopting technologies. This forward-thinking approach to business is crucial for Africa's future economic growth, it argues. The survey looked at 180 Africa-based IT leaders across 29 industries in countries such Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco. This gives us a bird's eye view ...

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Nigeria launches Open Data initiative to stir innovation, investment and growth

Open Data Today, the Nigerian Ministry of Communication Technology announced the Open Data Development Initiative to help drive innovation, investment and economic growth by enabling access to government data. The Initiative will open up high value datasets from across government ministries to Nigerian citizens, businesses and the rest of the world, for free. The Open Data Development Initiative aims to highlight the potential efficiency, innovations and public value that can be achieved when government uses technology to open its data to the ...


Guybox delivers essentials to men who have better things to do than shop

guybox Guybox is a trimonthly service that sends out packages filled with men's essentials such as underwear, socks and deodorant. This is not a try-before-you-buy subscription service like the ever popular Birchbox or South Africa's Rubybox. Instead, Guybox's mission is to free men from the grind of picking up grooming essentials. The Pretoria-based service is a one man show. Its founder, Oscar Baruffa, says that Guybox delivers the convenience of a curated basket of essentials aimed at men, without the frustration, boredom ...

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Budgeting app ExpenZa hits surge in user activity, R1-billion transactions

ExpenZa Budgeting apps will never go out of style. Until people stop worrying about where their precious money is mysteriously disappearing, personal finance management tools such as ExpenZa won't get old. The company has recently announced that it has had a surge of user activity in the last three months and has processed transactions worth more than R1-billion. Based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, ExpenZa is an app available to Android users with the need to effectively organize their income and expenses. ...

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7 customer service trends that startups should know about in 2014

customer service Ask people about the state of customer service and there is a good chance that they will be able to tell you at least five stories of terrible experiences –- and not many positive ones. In a recent survey of more than 400 South African customers, 72% said that they had experienced rage with a business at least once in the last four months. Anyone who has tried to solve a problem with a bank, airline booking, or mobile phone ...


How do we accelerate internet access in Africa?

network cables connected to switch If bandwidth is like water, then Africa is a desert with Perrier vending machines everywhere. If you have money, you’re fine. If you don’t have money, you’re dying of thirst. Although over 70% of Africans have a mobile phone, and over 90% are covered by mobile networks, less than 10% use the internet. That means most Africans can’t email CVs, research Wikipedia, self-diagnose health problems, or generally find out what is happening in the world. We all know ...

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Nigerian investor puts undisclosed cash monies into Silicon Valley startup

PlanetLabs_Fleet Things are getting exciting with Heirs Holdings. The pan-African proprietary investment company founded by Tony O Elumelu has just announced its investment in Silicon Valley-based startup Planet Labs. Founded in 2010, the tech startup specialises in Earth imaging satellite network with open data access. Last year the company launched a number of demonstration CubeSats, Dove 1, Dove 2, Dove 3 and Dove 4, which circle the planet in low orbit. Planet Labs' 'Doves' are supposedly "significantly cheaper to produce and ...

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Nigerian web-to-print startup Printivo launches, makes offline marketing fun

Printivolead Web-to-print solution company Printivo has recently launched in Nigeria, with the aim of helping businesses and individuals market themselves. Operating as an ecommerce company, Printivo allows companies to design materials such as business cards, letterheads and handbills online, and have them delivered to their doorsteps. Printivo's platform follows a DIY concept and aims to be useful for individuals, startups, SMEs and larger corporations, giving them the opportunity to design and order marketing materials from the comfort of their homes and offices. Users ...


The most important question an entrepreneur can ask themselves? It’s all about mindset

Questions Every year at this time we are bombarded with numerous articles on New Year’s resolutions and goal setting for the year ahead. And yet the average person makes the same New Year’s resolution 10 separate times without success. In a similar manner the entrepreneurial equation is equally hope depleting as business failures track at around nine out of every 10 initiatives started. Imagine if one simple question could unlock the answer to greater success. Surely life is not that simple? When ...