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Innovative Nigerian fashion etailer Minku Design now accepts Bitcoin

Minku Kunmi Otitoju is the founder of culture magazine Yonderland and Minku Design -- a boutique fashion startup based in Lagos, Nigeria and Barcelona, Spain which is responsible for selling handmade Yoruba-themed leather bags, purses, jewelry and other accessories online. In a move to keep up with innovative trends, the startup has also recently decided to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. In an interview with Founders Grid, Otitoju explains the reason behind adopting this sometimes controversial digital currency. "I ...

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PayGate wants to simplify online retailers’ security and payment solutions

paygate Whether small or big, your online business is always susceptible to fraud or data breaches. As a report suggested last year, cyber attacks don't discriminate. Security rules and regulations have thus become more strict over the years and cumbersome for many businesses. PayGate is one of those payment services that sits on the right side of the security fence that wants to simplify this aspect of running a business. Quite often overlooked, Harvey explains why having a secure online payment ...

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SureThing launches online gadget insurance in SA for portable devices

surething logo SureThing is South Africa's newest insurance company, covering all things portable and electronic, and it's all done online. The 'online gadget insurance solution' covers precious personal items like your cellphone, tablet, laptop, e-reader or game console, reportedly from just R70 per month. The company was founded by Richard Neville, an insurance entrepreneur, who noticed a gap in the insurance market for portable electronic items and designed SureThing as a cost-effective and quick service for the youth of South Africa. "Historically, portable gadgets ...


eShip: SA’s first online transport marketplace

e ship Transporting goods across South Africa is not a task one undertakes lightly. Although South Africa's infrastructure is designed around the road system, knowing where to begin when moving items, especially across country, has long been the case of picking up the phone or a Google search with mixed results. From there, getting quotes, agreeing to insurance, and holding people accountable often proves a tricky affair. For one young founder, Emile McLennan, who one day needed to transport his motorbike from Durban ...


Looking for leadership in your startup? Everyone’s capable

RayBan Everyone has an innate ability to become a leader. There are a number of reasons why many do not become leaders or do not even see themselves as leaders with their own company. The greatest of these is possibly that they have not understood their own unique value. What they are passionate about and the exact reason they exist -- the way in which they (uniquely) can change the world. Many refer to it as ‘purpose’ but I’d like to ...

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Hey entrepreneurs, what would your startup do with $20 000? [Update]

header-image3 I think almost everyone in Nigeria has a tech startup or they are at least considering tech as a career path. If there is a problem and it has a tech fix, someone in Nigeria is working on it. With a growing and buzzing ecosystem there are many entrepreneurs and startups in the space rising to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. With an estimated population of just over 170-million and an internet audience of more than 55-million, its ...

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Pilot POS partners with wiGroup to simplify mobile payments in SA

wiGroup With a 70% mobile penetration in Africa, mobile money transfer service is eagerly waiting to take off. To further implement this concept, Pilot Software, has announced that it is streamlining its mobile integration process by allowing third-party applications -- such as Google Wallet -- to be compatible with its already popular POS (Point of Sale) software. By partnering with wiGroup -- a company that's responsible for mobile transaction solutions -- Pilot’s clients will be able to accept any mobile transaction, ...


‘Going under water’ in Kenya: why everyone needs to win when you do

wikimedia commons You’re an entrepreneur with an interesting product that’s starting to gain traction. You’ve spent 6 weeks tracking down what looks to you like the holy grail of business development — the perfect long-term strategic partner. This partner gets the value of your business because they’re in your industry and they’ve seen the pain points you’re addressing first-hand. You’ve invested in meetings, hours of phone calls, and multiple iterations of an MOU outlining the ways the partnership will aggressively benefit both of you, ...

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Everything Hair offers South Africa real-time beauty advice and products

everything hair logo The beauty care products industry is predicted to be worth US$265-billion by 2017. Startups and VCs the world over have started to take notice. In America Makeoverly is forging its own way as part online-beauty consultancy part etailer, while in South Africa try-before-you-buy startup Rubybox has gone from strength to strength having received funding from HPV Africa. Joining the race in South Africa is online salon Everything Hair offering products, service and advice, making it something akin to the South African ...

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Lawyers and domains: Rocket Internet and Konga to face off

ecommerce We told you things in Nigeria's ecommerce space were about to heat up and at the center of the brewing storm is Konga and everyone's favourite cookie-cutter company, Rocket Internet. It seems there can be only one in Africa's ecommerce space and both companies want the title. Rocket is the owner/investor of Jumia, Konga's biggest competitor. According to Konga, there is systematic "action being taken to stifle the growth" by Rocket Internet. It seems that the Berlin-based ecommerce maker ...