22seven gets ‘more nimble’ with new update

Online personal finance management service 22seven has received a massive update that, according to the company, makes it “more nimble and adds some of the things customers have been asking for”.

With the updates, you can:

Categorise your transactions differently: When you click on a transaction all of its details will pop up on a card. 22seven claims it’s an easier way to “put transactions in their place”.

Split your transactions: This allows you to separate out amounts from one transaction. If for instance, you drew cash and spent some on petrol and some on eating out, or if you used a card to buy groceries and clothes at the same store.

Categorise more than one transaction at a time: 22seven says it’s “given this feature some steroids and added extra flexibility and functionality”. We also moved it to the Transactions page; it used to be in your History, where you could apply the same category and spending group to similar transactions.

Export your info: The financial service says it believes that “your transaction data belongs to you, just like your email”. You should be able to do what you like with it. Now you can download it as a CSV file and take it out of 22seven.

Link new credit cards: 22 seven recently added support for kulula, RMB and Virgin Money credit cards, joining the list of all major financial services providers in South Africa.

22seven launched in January this year, billing itself as an intelligent money-saving tool” that plugs directly and securely into your personal bank accounts and then delivers analysis on your spending habits.

Initially it came under fire from a number of South African banks for the way it accessed people’s accounts. Since then however, a number of turned around and started offering support for the service.



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