Design like a machine? Get your original infographic featured on Ventureburn

Some of the biggest names in tech have… um… interesting beginnings. Motorola was originally the name of a car radio, Facebook started in a dorm room and Google began its life as a research project. Think you can tell their stories better than a boring Wikipedia page?

We’re looking for a talented designer to create an original infographic that shows how major players in the tech industry went from hopeful startups to household names. Outline the major events in their history and their quirky back stories and if we like your style, your design could be the one we pick to share with our readers.

infographic competition

The details:

  1. The deadline for entries is 17:00 GMT on 31 October 2012. Email any questions or submissions to
  2. The infographic should be 650 pixels wide (the height can vary) and should be submitted as a jpeg or png file.
  3. Designers need to include a source list at the end of the infographic with a list of the specific URLS where they found the information and attribute the creators of the images or graphics used in the design. These addresses also need to be submitted as clickable hyperlinks (in a text document or email) when they submit your infographic. Designs which include copyrighted images do not include a source list will not be considered.



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