Venture Talk: Bootstrapping vs funding [Part Two]

Venture Talk: Bootstrapping Part Two kicks right into gear, like a good sequel should, as Nic Haralambous and Emma Kaye chat to managing editor Mich Atagana about the differences between a serial and career entrepreneur.

After hearing about Haralambous and Kaye’s personal entrepreneurial journeys in Part One the discussion moves to advice and questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves.

Are you aiming to build a long-lasting company or are you looking to build quickly and exit so you can move onto something new?

Bootstrapping: Part Two brings this to light, and also raises the importance of the VC-entrepreneur relationship, the kinds of businesses that suit bootstrapping, and how being able to adapt is key to survival as an entrepreneur.

Kaye and Haralambous discuss how change will occur in a company, from staff to business plans to strategies, and how having the right investor network can actually help with these stressful adaptations.

Watch on for invaluable tech entrepreneurship advice from experienced South African entrepreneurs.



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