Magnetic launches business management app for those on the go


South African online business management platform company, Magnetic, is launching its mobile app this week. With this, and some handy features up its sleeve, the company hopes to hook more than 5 000 business clients within the next year.

Since opening up shop in 2012, Magnetic has been trying to corner the local Business to Business market by providing an all-in-one management platform online. The company’s service package aims to take care of everything ranging from sales, CRM, accounts to HR and task management. It offers R200 per user per month.

Magnetic hopes its new app (available for Android and iOS) help it expand its reach in South Africa’s business space and beyond. Similar to its web-based platform, the app allows businesses create and manage tasks, track time, and so forth. The big difference is that you can do so on the go.

“Teams need to be mobile. While away from your desk you can’t afford to fall behind. Having a mobile collaboration and sales app at your finger tips allows you to stay up to date whenever you want, from wherever you want,” says Daniel Marcus.


CTO Jan Pickard further explains to Ventureburn that, with the app, sales teams on the road can pick up on the last communication with a customer and assign a followup to someone back at the office — a feature that would be very welcome in the sector.

Magnetic CEO argues that “The biggest challenges businesses face these days is being over extended and under managed. We help businesses by giving them insight into crucial areas of their organisation.”

Magnetic says that it hopes toe reach 5 000 companies by the end of 2015. An ambitious goal considering it currently services more than 500 clients.

“Everything we are doing is with that goal in mind. For our clients — we’ve got some incredible features lined up. The auto time tracker, for instance, will change the way businesses do time management,” explains Marcus. Magnetic also plans to add a function that would automatically sync work phone calls to a CRM system.

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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