Sureswipe POS LITE helps Impello provide services to small businesses, startups

Impello Coworking Space provides startups and small businesses with office space, facilities, services, training, and access to fellow entrepreneurs, as well as experts in order for them to gear up for growth and success.

“My vision was to create an ecosystem and stimulating environment in which startups and entrepreneurs could develop and have access to a network of like-minded individuals, mentors and services during their early years, which is a critical, make-or-break period for any new business,” says Ondina Pires, founder and CEO of Impello Coworking Space.

Based in Greenside, Johannesburg, today Impello Coworking Space has become just that.

The co-working space has a team of six dedicated staff members that serve a growing client base which includes startups, social media agencies, sales lead generators, recruiters, health insurers and professional photographers.

“As well as giving startups access to affordable space, shared services, hands-on training, accounting, marketing and consulting services, we also mobilise corporate sponsorships so startups with cash flow constraints can enjoy our incubation hub and services,” said Pires.

She adds that the co-working space also offers value-added services which include events, such as training workshops and networking sessions.

“I quickly realised we needed a way to accept payments from our customers easily and manage our business better. As a small business ourselves, we needed to be on top of how the business was running financially, and in terms of sales or stock levels for ordering purposes,” she says.

“Sureswipe gave us everything that we required from a payment system for our business, which is why we are now using Sureswipe’s MPOS and its new POS LITE offerings,” she adds.

Sureswipe recently launched its new POS LITE app and online business management portal.

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The POS Lite app  is designed for small businesses and independent retailers so they can process card payments from customers and manage their businesses better.

The app makes customer payments far quicker and easier than before and also allows businesses to split cash and card transactions.

In addition, it also processes secure payments using debit and credit cards with Sureswipe’s Move card reader.

“The system allows us to do this in a very simple and slick application, and the business management portal has had a huge impact, allowing us to focus more time on our core business,” says Pires.

“Our experience with the POS LITE system — comprising the app and online portal — has been great. The training provided by Sureswipe allowed us to get going with the new system straight away,” she says.

“We were taken through the steps on how to activate the POS system, login and then create our account. All my staff easily learned how to set up items and create categories,” she adds.

All a small business owner needs to do is to download the free app from Apple’s App store  or the Google Play store and register. They can then use the same credentials to log on to the online portal at

The key features of Sureswipe’s business management portal include:

· Live transactional history

· Sales data

· Stock data, which can be categorised into multiple categories

· Employee data with the ability to have multiple admin logins while the business owner retains control over the transactional history

· Location data per store and region

· Reduced time spent on manual data collection and reporting

· Easy data reconciliation.

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