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SA tech startup launches B2B workshop for tech companies

Johannesburg-based tech startup, Digital Kung Fu has launched an online video-based workshop specifically designed for tech companies. 

The workshop and accelerator programme aims to assist tech companies improve their lead gen models

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Titled Pipeline Generator, the workshop functions as a lead generator accelerator programme and aims to assist tech companies to improve their marketing strategy. 

The CEO of Digital Kung Fu and coach for Pipeline Generator, Matt Brown, explained that the workshop will achieve this through “skills upliftment, training, and digital enablement.”

Lead Generation skills accelerator programme

The lead generation skills accelerator programme was established in response to shaking up the traditional lead strategies adopted by many local tech companies. According to Digital Kung Fu, these traditional methods do not always yield the desired result and overall revenue increase for tech companies. 

According to research conducted by the tech startup, 32% of businesses are struggling to obtain a high volume of leads and 47% of businesses are unable to generate high-quality leads.

The launch of the workshop follows Digital Kung Fu’s follows the achievement of the startup’s ability to deliver more than R236m in sales in less than a year. 

Brown attributes the tech startups’ success in lead gen to their toolbox, which allowed them to build real and sales-ready strategies. With the developed programme, Digital Kung Fu aims to share their knowledge and skills to assist local tech companies to increase their revenue. 

“We’ve packaged our knowledge and processes into an online workshop that will give individuals, teams, and technology enterprises the tools they need to improve and accelerate their sales results,” said Brown.

A wealth of resources 

The workshop consists of four modules that cover the key subjects of Storytelling Pipeline Generation, Pipeline Generation and Conversion, Data Acquisition Platforms, and Commercial Planning.

Once clients have signed up for the workshop, they will have access to an online library for extra material. The video workshop also provides practical learning and this will help businesses define the most compelling story for their target market.

After the workshop has been completed, these businesses will also be able to understand why their sales are not being converted and how to convert leads into deals. 

Once completed, participating entrepreneurs and business owners will gain insight into valuable data that compares how their old marketing methods did not yield the desired result. 

Participants in the workshop will also learn about the 50 critical data points that need to be managed into raining tech businesses to become lead gen experts

Training tech businesses to become lead gen experts

Brown explained that what sets Pipeline Generator apart is that it gives clients a glimpse of the “demand generation engine room” that has helped Digital Kung Fu become a success.

From their experience in working with other technology businesses, he found that they excel in creating and deploying solutions that have helped B2B businesses become efficient and productive. However, these businesses struggle to create deal opportunities because they lack the expertise. The Pipeline Generator can address this issue.

“It empowers technology businesses with a clear, practical, and easy to follow ‘how-to’ guide that is proven to successfully take any product or solution to market digitally and generate sales-qualified pipeline in days, not months,” said Brown.

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Featured image: You X Ventures via Unsplash 

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