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Automotive tech startup improves vehicle trade-in

Local automotive tech startup, Motomatch has created an innovative vehicle sales platform for the purchasing and selling of vehicles.

The innovative platform uses new technology to challenge the traditional processes used currently in the automotive sales industry. 

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 Next-generation car sales tech Motomatch innovates using digital technology

Motomatch aims to assist customers in the process of buying and selling cars digitally by offering convenient, secure, and simple vehicle sales. 

In an official press release, Dov Stern, director of Motomatch explains that the vehicle sales platform facilitates immediate trading. 

“Ultimately, Motomatch has the most effective sales conversion ratio when compared to competing digital platforms, because these rival platforms sell views, clicks, and impressions, as opposed to offering a service that allows dealers to start trading immediately and 24/7 using any mobile computing device (desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets).”


Founded in 2019 by several Cape Town-based tech entrepreneurs, Motomatch has adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic and aims to expand through the use of digital technology. 

Motomatch allows consumers to access the dealer network and compare the prices of vehicles for sale. 

Consumers can offer their vehicles to the dealer network and if there’s an interest in buying, customers can source a replacement car on the innovative platform. Motomatch will provide prices for both cars without additional cost. 


To ensure the security of purchase, customers are matched with reputable dealers, reducing the risk of scams, theft, and non-approved buyers.

The vehicle platform ensures the privacy of users as personal information is only made available to dealers once the customer selects their preferred dealer to communicate with. 

In addition, Motmatch utilises auto-blur to protect the license plates of the customer. 

Dealer continuity

Covid-19 has resulted in a significant reduction in vehicle and part sales along with general car servicing. This has reportedly led to right-sizing and increasing the security of financial control in the local retail motor industry.

Stern comments that Motomatch is ideal for dealers’ continuity and offers no restrictions.

“From a cost point of view, it’s really a no-brainer for any dealer. The platform allows dealerships to sell a car, with every other transaction being pure profit and no limitations being placed on the amount of deals they can make. Our platform is very cost-effective for dealers and provides them with the opportunity to sell their stock and buy in stock. Thanks to its ability to auto-scale, we are able to onboard dealers without delay and there is no limitation to the number of dealers that can be added to the platform. In addition, we can onboard them at any time and our payment gateway enables dealers to sign themselves up digitally within minutes, and benefit from online training as well as the assistance of our excellent support team if and when needed.”

Dealers are given the opportunity to drive their digital footprint and customer reach. The automotive tech startup is identified as an extension of the dealership that offers digital sourcing to consumers to meet the relevant demands of buying and selling cars.

Expansion and security

Motomatch has most recently launched several new features such as; ‘Rent to Buy’, aftermarket warranties, and vehicle re-finance options.

The platform engages in new tech trends to innovate the next generation of car sales. WhatsApp and on-site instant messaging are used to facilitate communication between car dealers and buyers. 

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Featured Image: Gustavo Fring via Pexels

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