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Free fibre comparison tool launches for SA businesses

Comparison website has launched South Africa’s first free online comparison portal that assists local businesses in searching fiber-to-the-business (FTTB) connectivity packages and prices based on their location. launches free fibre comparison tool

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Bradley Du Chenne, CEO of explains that the platform aims to ensure that business owners are able to access affordable options.

“With many businesses trying to stay afloat or just getting on their feet, we want to enable business owners to compare business fibre quotes online. A small cost-saving or faster internet speed to assist with productivity should not be underestimated.”

The online comparison portal

The portal is available to use free of charge and offers a range of available prices based on a user’s geolocation provided and numerous connectivity types such as fibre, microwave, wireless, satellite, and LTE connections.

Users can view and compare the offered prices by simply dropping a pin on the platform’s virtual map. 

“This platform auto-locates where you are, down to within two metres, and tells you much more accurately what real-world options are available to you. All deals are subject to further feasibility by the service provider, but we have put quite a few measures in place to provide up to 95% accuracy throughout the country. While the tool is free to use for any business of any size, small businesses are likely to benefit from it more than large corporates, which tend to use IT companies to establish feasibility and then provide pricing,” Du Chenne adds.

Traditionally, SME owners would have to either go directly to the internet service providers (ISPs) for prices or work through IT providers but’s new feature will enable business owners to easily access available options and compare pricing.

“We know that many businesses are coming out of the COVID-19 crisis and are looking at ways to reduce their operational costs and improve their connection speeds. And with so many people working from home, those businesses will probably have internet connections that they would like to downscale. Our comparison tool lets them save time and money by getting quotes to see if they’re still getting the best deal possible, while also helping them to get connected much quicker,” concludes Du Chenne. ‘

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Featured image: LinkedIn Sales Solutions via Unsplash 

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