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Screan accelerates gig economy with online used car sales

Mike Schlebach, chief executive and founder of Screan. Photo: Supplied
Mike Schlebach, chief executive and founder of Screan. Photo: Supplied

In South Africa’s bustling gig economy, a transformative wave is gaining momentum, led by pioneering technology start-ups like Screan. This digital platform orchestrates seamless connections among potential buyers of pre-owned vehicles, dealerships, and a sprawling network of second-hand car inspection experts spread across the nation.

Through this innovation, the automotive gig economy is experiencing a profound evolution that promises to reshape the way used cars are bought and sold.

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In a country where approximately 3.9 million individuals have already found solace in the gig economy, the surge in digital platforms like Screan is a breath of fresh air. For those who have grappled with the challenge of securing traditional full-time employment, it presents a lifeline, especially for those residing in rural pockets or struggling to gain entry into formal job markets.

Yet, this isn’t just a run-of-the-mill gig economy story.

The convergence of technology and entrepreneurial spirit is birthing a wave of transformative opportunities. Temporary employment figures have swelled from 2.6 million in 2017 to a staggering 3.9 million in 2018, a trend that has been rekindled after the battering blow of the pandemic. The gig economy is resurgent, and at its vanguard stands the digital disruption of the used car market.

The traditional notion of car dealerships is being upended, and it’s all happening online.

Imagine a platform that effortlessly connects potential buyers and sellers of pre-owned vehicles with a nationwide network of second-hand car inspection experts.

That is the power of Screan. As South Africa’s roads pulse with approximately 11.2 million vehicles, the used car market remains the beating heart of the automotive industry, boasting a fleet that is more than twice the size of its new counterparts.

For Mike Schlebach, chief executive and founder of Screan, this digital endeavour is deeply personal. It all began when he fell victim to a deceitful scam while trying to purchase a family car. This painful experience was the catalyst that birthed Screan, a platform designed to protect the public’s interests and their wallets.

“There is so much opportunity out there for qualified car mechanics to make extra money by offering their services. Unemployment is at crisis level and by connecting these men and women to used car buyers, I know we can contribute to putting food on the table for many families who are struggling,” he passionately asserts.

Screan’s impact reaches far beyond the financial realm. It’s about restoring consumer trust and transparency, a feat that seems almost revolutionary in an industry often plagued by shady deals and broken promises. Think about it: every transaction facilitated by Screan is a step towards changing perceptions, mending relationships, and rebuilding faith in a system that has long been tainted.

Much like the trailblazing gig economy platforms in the United States, such as Fiverr, Upwork,, and TaskRabbit, Screan envisions a colossal shift in South Africa’s job landscape.

In a partnership with AutoTrader, a platform that commands the attention of over six million annual viewers, Screan is poised to catalyse this seismic shift. The fleet of Screaners spread across the nation brings accessibility to the purchase process, with the ability to inspect cars right where they are parked.

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