Uber Eats Partners with African Management Institute to Enhance South Africa’s Restaurant Industry

In a strategic move that underscores its commitment to the growth and sustainability of South Africa’s restaurant sector, Uber Eats has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with the African Management Institute (AMI). This innovative collaboration seeks to elevate the skillset of merchants operating on Uber Eats’ platform, fostering an environment of professional development and empowerment.

Amidst the ongoing narrative of post-pandemic recovery and resurgence, the restaurant industry in South Africa has faced a unique set of challenges. While encouraging signs of recuperation emerge from the ruins left by the Covid-19 pandemic, a recent publication on Researchgate.net aptly highlights a lingering concern: a dearth of apt expertise within critical segments of the industry, such as executive chefs, kitchen staff, and catering employees.

In response to these formidable challenges, Uber Eats and AMI have united their resources to introduce a program known as the “Growth2Go Academy.” This two-week immersive bootcamp is meticulously tailored for the modern foodpreneur, targeting essential skills including business planning, strategic development, and sustainable positioning. The program’s objective is to equip restaurant owners, CEOs, founders, and managing directors with the acumen to flourish in an ever-evolving landscape.

Vuyokazi Maselana, the Head of Merchant Operations for Uber Eats, elucidated the rationale behind this strategic partnership: “Merchants on our platform are very important to us – they’re an integral part of our business. Not only is Uber Eats creating unique earning opportunities, but we are also committed to investing in products and access while leveraging the power of the platform to ensure that merchants on our platform thrive.”

The program sets its sights on smaller-sized restaurants already listed on the Uber Eats platform that might not be generating substantial sales. By delivering the curriculum virtually, the initiative blends convenience with intensive skill-building. The program commences with a two-hour webinar, followed by a concentrated emphasis on hands-on skill development.

Thabang Monama, a restaurant owner who participated in the initiative, expressed his enthusiasm: “I am very excited to have been part of the initiative. As an owner of a small restaurant, I have found this program very beneficial for my business. I have now acquired the necessary skills to improve my restaurant’s sustainability.”

Upon completing the bootcamp, participants are eligible to enroll in AMI’s “Grow Your Business Programme,” a five-month course designed to propel businesses forward until the end of September. Maselana further emphasized the significance of this initiative: “We believe that the Growth2Go Academy will help our restaurant industry improve its sustainability. The delivery landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa is exciting, and we see opportunities to grow and positively impact restaurant partners and earners on our platform while providing a magical experience for users.”

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